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Nine months running in numbers

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Seems hard to believe we have been running for 9 months. Three-quarters of a year ! Whilst progress has felt painfully slow at times, and sometimes just plain hard, now when we look around we see palms and parrots, chaotic Latino markets and lorries plying along dusty roads precariously laden with bananas and tropical fruits . . . a far cry from the icy South where this adventure was born. And we’ve finally had time to update the running statistics page (thanks Patty for pointing this out!), sorry for the previously outdated info! Click for Updated Running Statistics   At times it...

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El “Independent Blog”: Armadillo asado –una receta para la extinción

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Provincia de Salta, al norte de Argentina. Dos niñas están paradas al costado del camino. Pasa un auto plateado con vidrios polarizados. Las niñas le muestran algo, pero el auto sigue de largo. Sin embargo, enseguida se detiene y retrocede. Tres hombres corpulentos, de pantalones blancos y anteojos oscuros, bajan del auto para inspeccionar eso que las niñas le mostraban. Uno de ellos se da vuelta para orinar, el otro examina el objeto deseado. Es un mamífero, un armadillo. Específicamente, Tolypeutes Matacus, el quirquincho bola o armadillo de tres bandas. Los hombres se ríen y gritan...

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The Independent Blog: Roast Armadillo- A Recipe for Extinction?

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Salta Province, northern Argentina. Two children stand by the side of the road. A silver car with blackened windows drives passed. The girls wave something at it. The car continues, but suddenly grinds to a halt and reverses. Three portly men in white trousers and shades, step out of the car to inspect what they’re holding. One turns his back to urinate. The other two examine the coveted possession. It’s a mammal, an armadillo. Specifically, the little, southern three-banded armadillo (Tolypeutes matacusis). The men are laughing and shouting, “Flaco, tan flaco”, “Thin, too...

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Dave and Kaths Phlog, running into the Amazon Basin!

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“Have you seen an Anaconda or any other snakes?”

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Question from six year old Tommy of Dulverton Somerset, UK. Thank you for asking Tommy! You´ve asked a very popular question. Lots of people are interested in snakes and the species (types) we are seeing. So here goes……..! The Answer: NO & YES+ VIDEO BELOW!!! YES: Now that we are in the Tropics and running through the enormous Amazon Basin we see a snake almost everyday.  Unfortunately, 90% of the time they are squished on the road by the passing traffic.   Snakes are fascinating and we both love watching them. I remember finding the worn out skins of grass snakes and...

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