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You may not be able to travel at the moment, but you can travel vicariously from your armchair through your mind to distant worlds. So sit back, turn the pages and delve into South America. A continent of superlatives; with the highest waterfall, the longest mountain chain, the highest biodiversity on earth. Run with David and I, screaming, crying, laughing and joking from the freezer to the oven. Running with parrots, anteaters, armadillos and South Americans. Two copies of, ‘Running South America with my Husband and other Animals‘ are free to wherever you are in the...

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Running Barefoot

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A friend of mine, Sarah, has just taken up running- couch to 5km. She wanted some tips. I’m not a coach, but I love running ‘barefoot’. David and I have been running in minimalist shoes or nothing at all for eight years. Now is a great a time as ever, while ‘locked-down’ in your house, to plunge into the world of BAREFOOT. So here goes… We were about to run the length of South America and our ‘virtual’ running coach, Jonno Gibbins, said our technique was rotten! We were heavy footed, heel-striking, with a slow cadence. The likeliness of...

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