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Welcome to the BigToe Blog! Here you can “sniff” all sorts of juicy facts about South America. You can view the “toe-clippings” about what we´re doing, thinking and seeing as we run through this extraordinary continent. Join us to meet the amazing wildlife, wildplaces and people that live here. Videos, photos, activity ideas, blogs in English and Spanish are all snoozing below, waiting for you to enter into our world………..



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Question From George, Longhorsley, UK

“Why didn’t you take Wellington boots with you?”

Answer: Yes, we would have loved to have a pair of Wellington boots each to keep our feet dry. A very good idea. The problem is we are pulling all our gear with us and so have to be very careful not to carry too many things. For example: I only have four pairs of pants (knickers) and David only has two, we have one tooth-brush between us with the handle cut off and can’t even carry a reading book! Everything we are pulling has to “win” it’s place. Our knees, hips and feet are too sore to allow anything that is not absolutely necessary to come with us!!
This is our trailer in which we store all our things! Here it is in Southern South America.
Do you know which country’s flag we have on our trailer??!

Comsumption o Consumicion?!

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“The Story of Stuff”

Check out this website, ver este sitio web:

It is a fantastic incite into the human being’s consumption addiction in English with Spanish subtitles.

Esta chica pelicula es fantastico- un ojo de la consumicion de ser humano! En ingles con subtitles en espanol.

And this is the website y el sitio web

Presenting to Schools in Chile

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We´re aiming to speak to over 1000 students and teachers along the 5000mileproject route  about the expedition and its “raison d´etre”:

“running for South America´s wild places and wildlife”

We present in Spanish as best we can; we´re constantly (more…)

Life in tropical rainforests

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Question Part 2.  From four year old Benjamin, Dulverton, UK

What sort of animals live in the rainforest?


We can’t wait to be running through the Amazon tropical rainforest of Brazil and Bolivia.

Tropical rainforests have the most different plants and animals of anywhere in the world. This is partly because all animals depend on green plants; which form the base of the food chain.

The animals of the tropical rain forests live in a “giant natural green house”; it is very (more…)

Animals of the temperate rainforest

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Question. from four year old Benjamin, Dulverton, UK

What sort of animals live in the rainforest?

Answer A: Well we’re in temperate rainforest in Chile at the moment. It is like tropical rainforest, but a lot colder! So I’m tapping from the tent under some massive old southern beech trees wrapped in feather jackets!

The animals we see here include (more…)

Living in southern Chile: the landscape, people and houses

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KEY WORDS: alerce trees, temperate rainforest, shingle houses, adobe houses, Andes mountains, conifer trees

We’re running through Patagonia, Southern Chile at the moment. The road is made of hard-packed gravel, cobbles and stones. This is especially hard work for running, as we have to pull the trailer with greater force over the surface, as there is a lot more friction. We also have to dodge pot holes! The road is very hilly, which means lots of hills to run up- grrrr! (more…)

We can talk to birds, really!

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Watch the 1 minute video below as I try it out – its true!! I had never though it would be possible to speak to a bird but wildlife legend Sir David Attenborough shows us what is possible on a short video clip at our friends at Conservacion Patagonica. With this fresh in my mind, whilst running with our trailer through a forested area of Southern Chile, we were interrupted by three Magellanic woodpeckers noisily passing through. Clutching two rocks I sunk to my ankles in the boggy forest and found a nice standing hollow trunk to tap. I thought I’d try what David showed me, and what followed was incredible – the (more…)

Camouflage: The magical disappearing act of the least seedsnipe!

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Key words: Camouflage, Pampas, Chile, Argentina, Least Seedsnipe

Yesterday we were running through a very flat landscape of yellows, browns and dark greens. Tussocky spiky grasses and low thorny scrub stretched into the horizon with pebbles and boulders for miles.

This is the Pampas- the grassland and shrubland of southern Chile and Argentina. A wild place at the bottom of the earth (more…)

Presenting to students in Puerto Natales

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We gave our first presentations in Puerto Natales to a class of 17 year olds, a group of 12-13 year olds, their teachers and the government envirnment officer. Incredibly we uttered it in spanish. A baptism in fire, with a mix of (more…)

A flying carpenter!

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Something odd is raining from the sky. Swords of sunlight are slicing through the canopy of ancient trees in Parque Pumalin, southern Chile. It cannot be rain.

We squint into the mossy tops of the trees. (more…)