Our new long-shiny-nosed office colleague

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We’re sitting in the office of Armonía (our Bolivian bird & wildlife charity). We’re tapping articles, uploading photos, compiling school presentations and catching up on all the tasks we dream about doing as we run. We always plan to achieve so much after the daily 20 mile slog, but after finding a home for the night hidden from the road under a tree, after rigging up our mosquito net or the hammocks, cooking and noting the day’s birds, mammal and road-kill sightings, we usually fall into a heap and wish sleep would never-end! But the difference about today, is that we...

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Running into 1.7 million people!

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On Monday we arrived Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia. A city of over 1.7 million people. It’s the biggest city of the expedition so far. And during the course of the 21 day run from the Argentinian border of Yacuiba to this sprawling city in the skirts of the Amazon basin, we are convinced we have met a good percentage of the city’s inhabitants! The road to the city surprised us; there was far less agriculture than we would have imagined. Instead, chaco, a type of scrubby, thorny, woodland that we had become familiar with; running through hundreds of miles of it in central and...

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Saving macaws, anteaters and the other weird and wonderful wildlife of South America!

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Help us protect some of the last remaining wildlands in Bolivia, home to macaws, jaguars and anteaters.. During the coming months of the expedition, we’ll be running 20 miles per day in a bid to secure over 5000 GBP for BirdLife International and their partner Armonía, who are working to protect critically endangered species and habitats. We have met with both charities and are excited to be raising money towards their fantastic work; conserving wildlife and their habitats in South America. We´re specifically raising money for two projects instrumental to the restoration of...

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