A meeting with HRH Prince Charles

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I wrote a letter, sitting on the bank of a stream, my back nestled in the buttress roots of a spiralling Bolivian rainforest tree. Enormous plate-sized, electric-blue, morpho-butterflies wafted over my hand. Beads of sweat formed rivulets down my back and tiny fish darted past my toes. The letter was to HRH Prince Charles about our expedition and how meeting him, a staunch advocate and conservationist of our natural world, would give us a tremendous boost during the many hot, sweaty, insect-infested miles that lay ahead. Miraculously he wrote back saying, “I am hugely impressed that you are...

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“Stop Drifting, Start Rowing”; Roz Savage’s Pacific Ocean Book

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We’re back on our 80 yr old home (our boat) in Uruguay & remarkably she’s still floating! Before we left the UK I managed to get my hands on a copy of Roz Savage’s, “Stop Drifting, Start Rowing”. Amazing! A rare, up-close & personal glimpse of life at sea in the Pacific through the eyes of a world first ocean rower. From a bum red-raw with rowing, to capsizing, dealing with raucous booby-bird neighbours and gliding through slicks of plastic rubbish. It navigates the reader through the trials and intense beauty of life on the high seas, as well as exploring a different...

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Back to School !

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“Nothing has changed!” I tell the new head mistress, “but the ceilings seem a bit lower”, as we stroll these small, colourfully decorated corridors which looked so spacious thirty years ago! We may have finished the running part, but “Running South America” continues back on home shores as we visit our former schools (and others who have followed us through the “BigToe” Classroom) to share our adventure and passion for the natural world. During the run itself we provided many ad hoc presentations with schools we passed on the road, and we discovered it was the perfect...

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Chatting on BBC SW TV Tonight

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We’re heading down to Plymouth in a couple of minutes to sit on the sofa with a BBC Spotlight presenter to chat about our running expedition. If all goes to plan we should be on screen on BBC 1 between 1830-1900 tonight. Bicycles are at the ready to climb over the Devon ‘peaks’ and catch our train south…… Click here to view the regional SW Spotlight Team

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The Independent Blog: Eight marathons in eight days and we are in the Caribbean Sea after running 6,504 miles across South America

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Fifteen months ago, just as the Olympic gun resonated through the streets of London, bracing ourselves against a blizzard at the southerly-most point of continental South America, we began our race to run the length of the continent. Ever since, we have been pulling our trailer, day-on-day, through ice, snow, hurricane-force winds, over 45°C heat, nearly 100 per cent Amazonian humidity, knee-deep mud, exhausted, vomiting, attacked by swarms of insects, but determined that every step forward will pull us closer to our goal. Now, finally, we have dived into the Caribbean Sea with mighty...

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Couple sponsoring BirdLife are first in the world to run the entire length of South America unsupported, but supported nature throughout

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Imagine how it would feel to run into the Caribbean Sea… Now imagine running into the Caribbean Sea after having run a marathon whilst pulling a trailer weighing up to 100kg… Now imagine running into the Caribbean Sea after having run a marathon almost every day with a trailer for 15 months! This is the feeling the Katharine and David Lowrie experienced yesterday when they became the first people in the world to run the entire length of South America, unsupported, as part of their “5000mile Project”. “There were some really tough parts when you’re tired...

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