Chatting on BBC SW TV Tonight

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We’re heading down to Plymouth in a couple of minutes to sit on the sofa with a BBC Spotlight presenter to chat about our running expedition. If all goes to plan we should be on screen on BBC 1 between 1830-1900 tonight. Bicycles are at the ready to climb over the Devon ‘peaks’ and catch our train south…… Click here to view the regional SW Spotlight Team

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Video Mashup: A Day In The Life Of a 6504 Mile Runner

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Words of Encouragement from HRH Prince of Wales & UK WWF

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Being so far away from family and friends and all the support they provide has been one of the hardest psychological stresses of our running expedition. That is why receiving emails and words of encouragement are so precious. Hearing from the Prince of Wales made us spring in the air with joy! While words of support from the ultramarathon runner, Dean Karnazes, UK Chairman of WWF, Ed Smith and Kris Tompkins, CEO Conservación Patagonica, have made the long, hard, slog worthwhile! Thank you! HRH Prince of Wales, “I am hugely impressed that you are undertaking such a gruelling and challenging...

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Running into the arms of calm tranquility..

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Imagine,  running through some of the shadiest, crime-ridden towns you could ever envisage. Your heart´s beating, your eyes are straining, your feet won´t power quick enough, waiting for the moment…. But somehow you get through…to the other side and you find extraordinary people. In a country with a reputation of violence and crime you find the greatest warmth you could ever imagine. A van screams to a holt and instead of a gun, two warm egg sandwiches are planted in our hands. A car stops behind and 200 Bolivianos appear through the window (a meal for us both). A woman...

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Running the Gauntlet through Venezuela´s own “Dusk-´till Dawn”..

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Eyes follow us. Two gold-chained teenagers smirk. A black-maned woman beckons to us, her son screams over and over, “Here come the Britanicos”. We wince under his megaphone words and hide in a shred of dark shade under a sign, hanging, just, by one rusted nail. What have we done? Welcome to KM 88, the town that everyone warned us would be the start of the “fire-pit” of Venezuela. I never thought it could be this grim. It’s like walking into the set of “Dusk-’till Dawn”, with every character spotting the glaringly obvious and wet-behind-the-ears...

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NO ENTRY- first time in over 5000 miles.

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We were told not to run through the reserve, that the Indigenous people of the Waimiri Atroari Indian Reserve were hostile towards ‘white people’. That they had attacked people in the Reserve with bows and arrows. That they stole the passports and money of a party of people whom had walked into their forest and threw the “booty” into the river! That only their law exists in the Reserve. One can understand. Thirty-six years ago the BR174 road – one of the Pan Amazonian tendrils planned to open the Amazon to resource extraction – was pushed through their...

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