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The Independent Blog: running into Patagonia’s fantastically oblivious Mr Fox

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We’re over three weeks into our 5000 mile odyssey to run the length of South  America for its threatened wild areas. Our feet are gradually becoming used to the daily routine, if not yet responding with true athletic gusto! We awoke this morning in out tent… Please click here for the blog: Please do leave a comment if you enjoy reading it, thank...

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The Independent Blog: The silent death of a forest

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What images do you see when you think of Patagonia? An icy steppe? Well, there is that – but as we sailed through Chile’s fjords we also found lush rainforests and turquoise waters. Now, as we travel in our recycled trailer through a Patagonian winter, we are discovering another unexpected sight; the Lenga forest…. Follow this link to the blog and Please do comment if you enjoy reading it. Thank...

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Independent Blog: To the end of the earth, in the footsteps of pumas and the lost people of Magellan

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5000 mile project: To the end of the earth, in the footsteps of puma & the lost people of Magellan By Katharine and David Lowrie Notebook, Sport Thursday, 9 August 2012 at 10:05 am These first few days of our year-long 5000 mile project run of South America represent some of the most remote and hostile. Southern beech woods topple onto jagged, wave-cut platforms and “bandera” trees bend their resolve to the furious Southern winds. Below all of this lies the fabled Magellan Straight. This wild world at the bottom of the earth along with its threatened South American...

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The Independent Blog: A series of semi-hiccups and mini-disasters

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Posted in, “The Independent”, Thursday, 26 July 2012 at 10:35 am. This week has been drawing ominously close; the week David and I start running the length of South America. We’re sitting on a double-decker bus nearing the southerly most city in the world, Punta Arenas, Chile and we’re being shaken like a doll by the driving wind that’s pelting across the Patagonian Steppe. The Southern Ocean, which has just come into view is on cue, “smoking”. The reality of the next two month’s running is dawning. The last ten days, since trying to leave our old wooden sailing boat...

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The Independent Blog: Running the Length of South America

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As preparations for the London Olympics intensify, 5000 miles away, we’re launching our own Olympian bid. On the 27 July 2012, we will be standing on the southerly-most point of the South American continent, gazing out to the fabled Southern Ocean. From that wild, sea battered peninsular, Cabo Froward, we will begin running. A run that will continue day after day, through snow, gale-force winds, steaming rainforest and desert, in some of the most grueling conditions on earth. One year later… To read more please click...

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