A meeting with HRH Prince Charles

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I wrote a letter, sitting on the bank of a stream, my back nestled in the buttress roots of a spiralling Bolivian rainforest tree. Enormous plate-sized, electric-blue, morpho-butterflies wafted over my hand. Beads of sweat formed rivulets down my back and tiny fish darted past my toes. The letter was to HRH Prince Charles about our expedition and how meeting him, a staunch advocate and conservationist of our natural world, would give us a tremendous boost during the many hot, sweaty, insect-infested miles that lay ahead. Miraculously he wrote back saying, “I am hugely impressed that you are...

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Chatting with Roz Savage on her wonderful Adventure Podcast

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We have met so many people in the course of running South America, before, during and after, but very rarely do you stumble upon a kindred spirit in this world. We have long followed Roz Savage and her goliath ocean rowing exploits, and when she invited us to talk with her on her fantastic Adventure Podcast we were  honoured and readily accepted. The real treat though was to find that we talked the same language, were worried about similar themes and had so very much in common in our outlook for the future.   Click the PLAY button to listen through the laughter and Roz’s dulcet...

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3300 miles on, Argentinian section finished today!

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At 12:30 local time today, 24th March 2013, we exchanged the trailer for the last time on blue and white soil and crossed the border out of  Argentina (despite a last minute fumble where we couldn´t find the doorway for Bolivia in between the border towns!!)!! Although we couldnt find a checkbox on the Immigration form for “runing across border with trailer, no fixed abode”, we were accepted, we have completed paperwork and passed the line into a crazy and chaotic new world. Passports have been stamped and we now have a 90 days on our visa to cross 1000’s miles of...

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Update: arrival into Puerto Natales

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11 Days, following miles per day: 10,14,10,17,18,12,23,13,16,20,14, 70kg trailer with food, no days off, last 7 days snow/blizzard every day. 1 litre fuel. No shower. Not the gentle warm up we were planning!! Feet slowly recouperating in Pto...

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Lista Light Voyage : The Patagonian Channels Part One

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We have been sailing in the most amazing place in the planet. That is simply no exaggeration. This blog falls into three parts, and is a little unusual! First, a gallery with some music, some of the images are beautiful and we are genuinly pleased with, there are others with us in…! Second is a little playful poem of our time here, and the thrid a wordy acount which is more descriptive of the shenanigans and landscape but, alas, will never do this magestic land justice. Lista Light chile log   December Patagonia painted her carefree side, green...

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