Sods law. Katharine dropped her sunglasses off the side of the boat – nothing unusual in that (we are cursed with sunglasses )– it happens a lot unfortunately. They were cheap of course but have now become rubbish too (they always were, but now they are officially “litter” on the riverbed

he probably wouldn’t tolerate the unpleasant smell of us

Its 0430, not a time we normally rise but this morning we have an appointment with the doctor in Montevideo to get some xrays on my leg, and that involves a 4 hour journey beginning now. We prise ourselves from our cosy bed, row our numb bodies to the shore, tether the dinghy and somehow …

Black Friday….

“No No No No”! We applied for a National Geographic grant. We got through to the final round of judging, but today we were told, “NO”. It’s a real shame, as the grant would have covered all our expedition costs; allowing us to focus on raising money for wildlife and wilderness charities. In retrospect,


We all have them: Flat, podgy, arched, bunioned, blistered, soft or smelly…. FEET Whether trotting on stilettoes or shovelled into wellington boots they are rarely ‘nude’; 100% on show.  But what I had not really considered was that at one stage, back in our dim tuber/impala-guzzling past, they were splendid leathery tools, pounding the savannah and …