Q. What is the craziest animal you have ever seen?

Thanks Master Elithorn from Farnham for that question! Well, it´s good timing too, because we were running through Brazil the other day and what we saw blew our minds!!! A Giant Anteater! They live in all sorts of habitats but  in many places they are not doing well at the moment. It is easiest to find them in savanna which is a habitat that has long grasses and some gnarly trees. They are such a crazy creature, check out his nose!! 

Why not watch the video . . .then we have a question for YOU!

Can you think what he normally eats (HINT: often the common name of an animal givs away lots of clues)? And why has he got such a long nose? and a long sticky tongue? and strong claws? 

For more on this wonderful animal, including why it has evolved such incredible adaptions please check out Arkive.org by clicking here



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