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Welcome to the BigToe Blog! Here you can “sniff” all sorts of juicy facts about South America. You can view the “toe-clippings” about what we´re doing, thinking and seeing as we run through this extraordinary continent. Join us to meet the amazing wildlife, wildplaces and people that live here. Videos, photos, activity ideas, blogs in English and Spanish are all snoozing below, waiting for you to enter into our world………..



What a difference a day makes……!

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Yesterday I was at a really low ebb.

We had run nearly 18 miles and the thought of the next four we planned to run was just hideous.

Sweat was pouring off my limbs, my feet felt jarred and knees hot and sore. My chin was heading for the floor as I ran curled up, tired, terribly, with my feet like claws. My running style was desperate, ripe for an injury.

When we finally hit the 24 mile mark, I collapsed (more…)

Q. What is your Favourite Bird in South America?

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Question from 8 year old, George, Morpeth, Northumberland. Thank you very much!

Hmm. Now this is a particularly tricky question for two people who love wildlife and have a particular soft-soft for the feathered variety! Especially, as along the course of the thousands of miles that we have run, it has been birds more than anything that has kept us company.

Watching birds in northern Bolivia


How to become a Wildlife Detective

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As you skip through the woods, fields or moorland or perhaps view the world from atop of a gnarly oak tree, do you ever wonder….

  • Where do animals hide during the day….?

  • Do animals follow paths, even motorways….?

  • What do they eat…..?

Why not become a WILDLIFE DETECTIVE and start sniffing, watching & feeling for Wild Signs, to find out who has passed by….?

???Look for hair stuck on (more…)

“Have you seen an Anaconda or any other snakes?”

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Question from six year old Tommy of Dulverton Somerset, UK.

Thank you for asking Tommy! You´ve asked a very popular question. Lots of people are interested in snakes and the species (types) we are seeing. So here goes……..!

The Answer: NO & YES+ VIDEO BELOW!!!

YES: Now that we are in the Tropics and running through the enormous Amazon Basin we see a snake almost everyday.  Unfortunately, 90% of the time they are squished on the road by the passing traffic.


Snakes are fascinating and we both love (more…)

Meeting schools and children along the road…

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One of our favourite parts of the running day:

Running with school children whom we meet along the road; giving presentations about the run and the natural world; meeting with the students, teachers and head teachers and learning more about the countries we´re running through.. (more…)

Tropical explained!

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So far we have run 3,300 miles from the temperate or cold zones in the deep South of South America, full of snow and penguins, through the dry and desertified zones of the sub-tropical belt in Argentina, where water was hard to find and the cactus grew in sandy soil, and today we are officially in the Tropics! But what does it really mean?

Watch this video to explain a little more… :


We passed the Tropic of Capricorn and are now between this line and the Tropic of Cancer line. Between the two lines the Equator, that is the middle belt of the Earth . . . and that is (more…)

Question: How tiring is it? Are you getting used to it?

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Thank you very much 8 year old Tom from Copplestone, Devon, UK,  for your questions! (And learn more by clicking here to read this blog in Spanish !)

Q. 1: How tiring is it?

It’s more tiring than we could ever have imagined!! It’s a bit like you playing football for 4 hours a day, every day, whilst dragging your 10 year-old sister around behind you!! All we want to do is sleep – preferably a very long sleep, like a dormouse or hedgehog that hibernates in the winter!!

At the moment we are in northern Argentina and the temperatures are reaching 40 degrees Celsius in the Southern Hemisphere’s summer. We have therefore (more…)

Relief: In the Andes Rain Shadow.

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Key Words: Precipitation, Pacific Ocean, Chile, Prevailing Wind, Andes, Vapour, Condensation, Glaciers, Adapt, Rain shadow, Relief Rain
For the first part of our expedition we ran through rain and snow in southern Chile. Precipitation is the term used for rain, sleet, hail and snow; any form of water that falls from the sky.
This precipitation begins to form over the Pacific Ocean which lies to the west of Chile. Wind blows from the west collecting moisture from the sea. It travels eastwards as the prevailing wind (the most common wind direction). When air reaches (more…)

Endangered Animals: Patagonian Huemul Deer

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Key words: Endangered, habitat, threatened, decomposition, extinct, over-grazing

One evening whilst running over a mountain pass in  southern Chile, with snow on either side of the road, we noticed some mammals grazing on the hillside. We stopped to look through our binoculars and guess what we found: PATAGONIAN HUEMUL DEER!!! (more…)