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Cyril’s Big Adventure- A Real Nature Story with a Happy Ending

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Hello, long time no chirrup!  A little off the theme of running, but very much ON the theme of wildlife. I have just released a brand-new children’s book highlighting the wonderful world of nature. It’s set to raise funds for protected cirl buntings. Cyril’s Big Adventure details the real-life success of cirl buntings – a rare species of bird in England, brought back from the brink through the combined effort of farmers and conservationists.

The book, which I have written and illustrated, is a celebration of the return of cirl buntings and the other wonderful wildlife that we share our countryside with. 50p from the sale of each book will go towards the RSPB’s cirl bunting project.

One of the most exciting aspects of my work with the RSPB has been my involvement in the cirl bunting project and seeing the recovery of this iconic bird. It may be little, but it represents a lot, because where cirl buntings prosper so does other farmland wildlife, including: brown hares, barn owls, arable plants, butterflies, bumblebees, lizards and bats; many of which are declining in our wider countryside.” (more…)

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‘Running South America with my Husband & other animals’

was published last August 2017 and we’re delighted to announce that it has sold out! It is currently at press and will be winging its way back into the shops in the next few weeks. (NB individual shops/ online stores do still hold copies)

We’re also very excited that the new copies will include additional words of support from the late running barefoot legend Bruce Tulloh and also from the magnificent Joanna Lumley, whom we were lucky to listen to last year at the Transglobe Expedition Trust’s super annual lectures at the Royal Geographic Society (the Trust supported our expedition). The start of each chapter will also include the number of miles run!

You can order your new copy directly from our website- signed and dedicated HERE

Katharine is still giving talks about the expedition for schools, colleges and other groups. Please see HERE for future events or email her to organise a talk:  kathj(surname)@gmail.com (Please remove brackets and add her surname).

For the latest article about the expedition and book CLICK HERE


In the ‘papers’

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Daily Telegraph

Meet the couple who ran 6,504 miles across South America- dodging hurricane force winds and the Venezuelan mafia… read more here

Daily Mail

‘It would have been lovely to keep on going’: The British couple who jogged 6,500 miles along the length of South America – but didn’t want the run to end’… read more here

Lonely Planet

‘The most beautiful and simple existence’: one couple shares their experience of running 5000 miles through South America’.. read more here

Sunday Post

‘English runners in Argentina escape death… by pretending to be Scottish’.. read more here


‘Running South America in 27 photos’.. see more here

A continent in stats

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Running in cloud forest, near Catamarca, Argentina









  • First people to run the length of South America, unsupported (pulled a trailer with all kit & food)

  • Katharine is First woman to run the continent

  • Katharine completed 2nd longest run ever undertaken by a woman

  • First people to run  Amazon Basin

  • First people to run Bolivia

  • First people to run Carretera Austral, Chile

  • 6,504 miles

  • 15 months

  • Ran through 10 pairs of shoes each

  • 2/3 in Inov8 transition running shoes & 1/3 barefoot or in Vivobarefoot shoes

  • 1/3 on rough tracks

  • Averaged 20 miles/ day

  • Longest run- 36 miles

  • Ran equivalent of 9 marathons in 9 days in final burst to the finishing line

  • Tried to consume >4000cl each a day

  • Pulled a trailer weighing up to 140kg, which was swapped every 5 miles

  • Built 2nd trailer for a 400 mile remote Amazon section to accommodate additional 100kg of food

  • Presented to 2,583 students in Spanish and English about running & wildlife in South America & the UK

  • Wrote 35 articles and blogs about nature conservation & running for The Ecologist, Independent online, Soy Maratonista and Patagon Journal

  • Raised money for: Asociación Armonía, Birdlife International & Conservación Patagonica

  • Recorded 453 bird species and registered 6,154 individual birds, including many that are endangered.

    BUY the book from us in person from one of our events HERE .. or ONLINE HERE Thank you!

Carretera Austral, Chile

Forbes Article: Lessons on Business & Life from Running a Continent

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Running South AmericaLovely article in Forbes by Danielle Rossingh:-

David Lowrie was 30 years old and climbing up the ranks as a management consultant at accounting firm Accenture in the City of London.

But increasingly weary of the lifestyle and lack of work-life balance that come with working for a large international company, Lowrie embarked on a radical career change with his partner, Katherine, an ecologist.

Both keen runners, the British couple became the first people to have run the Amazon Basin, clocking up 6,504 miles in a journey that started in freezing temperatures at the southern-most tip of the continent in Cabo Froward on the first day of the 2012 London Olympics and finished 13 months later in the azure-blue waters of the Caribbean Sea in Venezuela.

Now, their record-breaking journey – which was done bare-foot or in barefoot shoes for one-third of the length – has been chronicled by Katherine Lowrie…. click here to read more.




Published Today!- Running South America with my Husband and other animals

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Spring accompanied us, unfurling her new leaves and blossoms and emptying her dizzying fragrances into the valleys, forests and mountains. My mood soared. Night arrived later and later as the sun refused to set. So the bustle in the woods and rivers continued: the local frog quartet clattered and tapped, a South American snipe rose high in its courtship display, shuddering notes through reverberating tail feathers in great arcs above our tent. While one side of the world awoke, we gently fell asleep.

This is an extract (more…)


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Running South America with my Husband and other animals is winging its way to book stores across the land now!

We’ll be talking and selling/signing books throughout the UK over the following months and would love to see you.

Events so far include:

Rutland Birdfair– Saturday 19th August (0930)

Rothbury Hall- Northumberland, Thursday 31st August (1930)

Base Camp Festival 2017- Peak District Saturday 9th September (1200)

Hayle / Falmouth- Cornwall mid September (TBC)

Appledore Book Festival– Devon Wednesday 27th September 2017 (1400)

Crediton Community Bookshop– Devon Thursday 26th October (tbc)

Teign Valley Community Hall- Christow, Devon Friday 13th October (2000)

Transglobe Expedition Trust – Royal Geographic Soceity-London Thursday 16 November (1900)


Running South America with my husband and other animals

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I have a publisher! The above book title will be zooming into shops near you from this August! In essence the book is about David and my love affair with running and wildlife- so much so, that we ran a continent to meet its wild animals. How we lived life at its rawest; with insects crawling over us, sleeping in jaguars’ ‘back-yards’ and washing in ditches by the side of the road. Running marathons back-to-back for days on end, this crazy feat nearly cost us our marriage, health and lives…. More details to come!


Our Home is Born.. well at least for a few months or so!

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After nearly six years away from this sceptred isle, we finally have soil between our toes, with (more…)

Voyaging by Land & Sea

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Bereft of our dear floating home, David has built a clinker rowing/sailing boat for us to head on mini adventures with Theo and our latest recruit baby Beth (nearly 9 months old). Meanwhile our running trailer has been adopted by (more…)