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Whats in the Bag – Part 1 Food

Posted by on Oct 14, 2012 in Food and Nutrition, Running, Survival | 0 comments

There is nothing like hard numbers to help identify a problem. When we started this expedition we simply underestimated the load we would be carrying, and therefore the strength required of the trailer and us! In this series of blogs we will look at what’s in the trailer to understand where the weight comes from. First the Food bag – the list below was compiled on a fairly typical 6-day stretch recently where we would not encounter a single shop, no matter how small, for 180km. Coming from an Island (UK) less wide than this in many parts it comes as a slight surprise that it could...

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The Independent Blog: The silent death of a forest

Posted by on Sep 4, 2012 in Conservation, Farming, Food and Nutrition, The Independent Blog | 0 comments

What images do you see when you think of Patagonia? An icy steppe? Well, there is that – but as we sailed through Chile’s fjords we also found lush rainforests and turquoise waters. Now, as we travel in our recycled trailer through a Patagonian winter, we are discovering another unexpected sight; the Lenga forest…. Follow this link to the blog and Please do comment if you enjoy reading it. Thank...

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How do you fuel a 5000 mile run?

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As a general rule, as runners Kath and I tend to fall into the old school of nutritional fulfillment – eat plenty of good fresh food (emphasis on the plenty!), prepare as much as possible your self, listen to our bodies requirements and respond quickly, and keep clear of nutritional supplements unless absolutely necessary. The 5000mileproject will require extreme endurance , not fast athlete-like performance, but how will we meet our nutritional intake requirment whilst on the road, far from shops and our own galley? Fear not. There is a valuable market  competing to help us fuel up as...

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Yerba Mate

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What is it?                               Herbal drink extracted from the plant Ilex paraguariensis, served in a gourd!   Supposed Benefits:             Alertness,  free-radical fighting anti-oxidents, ………………….. Active Ingredients:            Anti-oxidents, caffeine, et al The Downside:                      Potential increased cancer risk, esp throat/bowel Famous Proponents:         Charles Darwin, plus 90% of Argentinians and Uruguayans   Our experience: Yerba Mate is everywhere in Argentine and Uruguay,...

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