3300 miles on, Argentinian section finished today!

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At 12:30 local time today, 24th March 2013, we exchanged the trailer for the last time on blue and white soil and crossed the border out of  Argentina (despite a last minute fumble where we couldn´t find the doorway for Bolivia in between the border towns!!)!! Although we couldnt find a checkbox on the Immigration form for “runing across border with trailer, no fixed abode”, we were accepted, we have completed paperwork and passed the line into a crazy and chaotic new world. Passports have been stamped and we now have a 90 days on our visa to cross 1000’s miles of...

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Leaving Argentina: 31 days in 31 pictures

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A selection of 31 pictures from our final 31 days running in Argentina. A story within each, a memory. Dont cry for me Argentina  

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100 days running in images

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Selected Images from the first 100 days of running, winter, spring, and a brief look at the new desert conditions, and with a novel idea for chafe-avoidance on the last slide, sorry! last 100 days in images

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The Long Winding Road

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It all began in ice, snow and blizzards. We found ourselves swimming naked through sub-zero rivers in a Patagonian winter, wading through snow drifts, stumbling over jagged coastal cliffs, crawling under crowded limbs of southern beech forests and chasing puma tracks on our way to the most southerly point of continental South America, Cabo Froward. On 28 July 2012, we finally found it, lips numb with cold we announced the start on film and there began the most gruelling (physically and mentally) endeavour of our lives. Since then we have slid over ice, run through battering, freezing winds...

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First Month in Photos

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First month in images  

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