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Hear Dave and Kath’s daily phlog – 49th phonecast

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A break from running; time to find our parrot

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We have been unusually quiet over the last week. The reason is we took time out to learn more about the charity, Armonia,  we are jointly running for. If a picture speaks a thousand words, please enjoy a 29,000 word essay below, click the arrow on the gallery to begin playback. It has been an incredible few days, deep in the Beni Wetlands, a place only possible to arrive in by little plane (yes, you read correctly, ug). Alone in the area which will become the blue-throated macaw reserve, we spent hours on horseback, on foot, by boat on the extensive wetlands transfixed by extraordinary...

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How to become a Wildlife Detective

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As you skip through the woods, fields or moorland or perhaps view the world from atop of a gnarly oak tree, do you ever wonder…. Where do animals hide during the day….? Do animals follow paths, even motorways….? What do they eat…..? Why not become a WILDLIFE DETECTIVE and start sniffing, watching & feeling for Wild Signs, to find out who has passed by….? ???Look for hair stuck on barbed wire or brambles, examine the shape of burrows and abandoned nests, look at the prints in soft mud, where have animals marked their territories and in what...

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Dave and Kaths Phlog: On the brink of 4,000 miles running, we have a wild encounter to remember

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The Last 9 Months in 3 Minutes

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