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Running Barefoot

Posted by on Apr 1, 2020 in Running, Running Techniques | 0 comments

A friend of mine, Sarah, has just taken up running- couch to 5km. She wanted some tips. I’m not a coach, but I love running ‘barefoot’. David and I have been running in minimalist shoes or nothing at all for eight years. Now is a great a time as ever, while ‘locked-down’ in your house, to plunge into the world of BAREFOOT. So here goes… We were about to run the length of South America and our ‘virtual’ running coach, Jonno Gibbins, said our technique was rotten! We were heavy footed, heel-striking, with a slow cadence. The likeliness of...

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The “draw” of the trailer!

Posted by on Nov 16, 2012 in Running, Running Techniques, Survival | 3 comments

When we were planning the expedition, Dave spent hours researching possible methods for “lumping” all our gear. Oh to run, light, without a load! In reality, this would just not  be possible. In Patagonia for example, we often had to food provision for up to 8 days. There were no shops, no people, often no houses and our bodies were and still are certainly demanding; up to 4,000 calories per day! The 5000mileproject is about running, but for us running would be nothing, if it were not for the incredible wild places we can explore. So we need laptops to write articles and blogs...

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Vivobarefoot: Floating on an orange-gringo wave

Posted by on Aug 2, 2012 in Running, Running Techniques, Sponsorship and Donations | 1 comment

For the past couple of months we’ve been running in Vivobarefoot shoes. Think ultra-light. In fact the term “shoe” doesn’t really suit these wee critters. They’re snug like slippers, but allow your feet to “feel” the surface your running over. According to Jonno, our running coach, this is vital for all those tiny foot muscles that need to remember how to work again. The“Neo Trails”, in which we stormed out to Cabo Froward also have fantastic grip which allowed us to stick like Velcro to the ice and slimy wavy cut platforms of the coastal wilderness. Ok, this is...

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A Magician brings tidings of a cold spell

Posted by on Jul 10, 2012 in Running Techniques, Survival, The Run Up | 0 comments

Mago arrived today, on a boat from Buenos Aires. Mago means Magician in Spanish. Actually he is called “mono de milano”, the Monkey of Milan. Maybe he has a more convential name but when someone as charasmatic as Mono arrives such formalities seem unimportant  and inappropriate. He is a modern day legend of the Southern Seas, and with the beard flowing, heavy woollen jumper and colossal frame, the Italian-cross-Argenitinian hailed us across the mist-filled creek to announce his arrival atop a sleek 1945 wooden yacht commandeered from his friend in Buenos Aires, neighbouring Argentina ,...

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The mysterious art of running….

Posted by on May 25, 2012 in Running, Running Techniques, The Run Up | 2 comments

I like running. I haven’t always felt like this. There was the burning stitch during school cross country runs; triathlons of endless hills, followed by exhaustion in a swimming pool. Then when I was 17 and stressed with exams I started. First just around the field, then through the coppice, perhaps up the lane too? What about heading to the river? Before I knew it I was running for hours, following the tracks of deer, crunching in fallen leaves in the woods, crawling through frosted hedgerows; ankle deep in mud. I loved it, it became effortless. First my brain would chunter through study...

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An evolution with a revolution . . . . or two

Posted by on May 6, 2012 in Running, Running Techniques, The Run Up | 4 comments

We have declared up front that the expedition is unsupported – but what does that mean in practice for life day-to-day on the 5000mileproject? With no sherpa, no support car, no horse and trap, no battlebus or winnibego to carry all our gear how do we propose to move from a to b, then c to d, day on day for a year? “Surely not up there on your backs” our terrified knees, hips and feet scream – “we promise to be springy and light but give us a chance!!” they plead?? Don’t worry we assure them, we are not masochistic army types we deceive them (but in reality whatever the solution...

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