Couple sponsoring BirdLife are first in the world to run the entire length of South America unsupported, but supported nature throughout

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Imagine how it would feel to run into the Caribbean Sea… Now imagine running into the Caribbean Sea after having run a marathon whilst pulling a trailer weighing up to 100kg… Now imagine running into the Caribbean Sea after having run a marathon almost every day with a trailer for 15 months! This is the feeling the Katharine and David Lowrie experienced yesterday when they became the first people in the world to run the entire length of South America, unsupported, as part of their “5000mile Project”. “There were some really tough parts when you’re tired...

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Running with Parrots

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From the very South to the North of continental South America we have been in the company of parrots. Watching them preening, screaming over our heads, excavating nests or apparently checking us out on ´ fly-bys´ has just been amazing. They never cease to brighten us up and remind us how amazing this wild planet is!

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Winners of Charity Raffle-Auction Announced!

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Congratulations to Douglas Anderson and the Lean-Swadlings for winning !! We so appreciate everybody’s incredibly generous ticket purchases. The total amount raised was $US 1,700 / £1,122. ALL proceeds are winging their way to Armonia and Birdlife International. To find out more about the specific projects we are running for Click Here. THANK YOU SO MUCH from us both and the incredible wildlife and wild places that are benefiting from your donations, Katharine and...

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British Couple First in World to Run Length of Bolivia

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Press Release  British adventure-running couple, Katharine and David Lowrie, are hoping to run into the record books after completing an unsupported and gruelling 1,187 mile run across Bolivia, a country four times the size of Great Britain. This is the first time this feat has ever been attempted.  Due to the vast wild areas the pair had to run through, they pulled all their equipment, plus food and water supplies behind them in a trailer they made from recycled materials.  “It’s a love-hate relationship with the trailer”, said Katharine, “At times I wanted to throw it...

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A break from running; time to find our parrot

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We have been unusually quiet over the last week. The reason is we took time out to learn more about the charity, Armonia,  we are jointly running for. If a picture speaks a thousand words, please enjoy a 29,000 word essay below, click the arrow on the gallery to begin playback. It has been an incredible few days, deep in the Beni Wetlands, a place only possible to arrive in by little plane (yes, you read correctly, ug). Alone in the area which will become the blue-throated macaw reserve, we spent hours on horseback, on foot, by boat on the extensive wetlands transfixed by extraordinary...

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Raffle-Auction in Aid of Armonía & Birdlife International

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Buy Your Tickets NOW! for a Chance to Win one of these original acylic paintings by Katharine! Both the rainforest frog and keel-billed toucan have been professionally mounted. Closing Date 30 June 2013. E-tickets equivalent of £5. The person who buys the most tickets WINS and can choose which painting they would like. The person whose e-ticket is drawn first WINS the other painting. Anyone from any country can buy a ticket.   OPTION 1. CLICK HERE to BUY a TICKET via JUST GIVING (especially UK donors if you qualify for Gift Aid!) OPTION 2. CLICK on donate icon to BUY a TICKET via...

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