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Voyaging by Land & Sea

Posted by on May 2, 2017 in Gear and Equipment | 0 comments

Bereft of our dear floating home, David has built a clinker rowing/sailing boat for us to head on mini adventures with Theo and our latest recruit baby Beth (nearly 9 months old). Meanwhile our running trailer has been adopted by Theo and his niece for more local land-based explorations… Building a boat  

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Runner’s World: The Limits of Endurance

Posted by on Jun 19, 2014 in Gear and Equipment, Photos, Running, Survival | 0 comments

We appear in the July 2014 issue of Runner’s World! Fantastic talking about the expedition again; the wildlife, wildernesses, risks and survival...

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Expedition Comms Map: Staying In Touch On The Run

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Staying in touch with sponsors, supporters, family and friends whilst on the run in wonderfully wild but disconnected places presents some challenges, especially when you have to carry all your kit in the running  trailer, but this is how we do it: CLICK MAP TO ENLARGE       *A special thank you to Our grant Sculpt the Future Foundation, and technology...

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Dave´s Interview with The Playground

Posted by on Sep 6, 2013 in Gear and Equipment, Running | 0 comments

We had a fun time completing some challenging questions from Orla Muiri at ¨The Playground¨ –  check out the interview by clicking the link below!! How do you keep your mind focused and your spirits high after so long on the road? What are you finding the toughest to cope with? How are you getting on with each other after so long in each others pockets? What’s the best piece of gear you have...

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A simple solution to the monthly flow….

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Every item in the running trailer (which we´ve pulled for over 5000 miles through snow, driving rain, clagging mud) is crucial. It could be no other way. Any superflous object means extra stess on our knees, joints, back. Especially scaling the Andes, or now in the Amazon basin running up and down, up and down, all day long, for twenty plus miles. But there is one item that has strictly one use and it´s just for me. My Mooncup. This brilliant silicon cup is so light, simple and unobtrusive. It only comes out once a month, but that appearance is vital. Without it we would have to carry a...

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Running The Amazon Rainforest: The Plan

Posted by on Jul 11, 2013 in Food and Nutrition, Gear and Equipment, Running, Survival | 0 comments

The Route: The Infamous BR 319 In reality, we are trying to run to an island. On a Brazilian roadmap you will not encounter distances to Manaus, because it is effectively an island, and you can´t simply drive there. But is has not always been that way. In the 70´s, the military goverment sought to connect Manaus to the rest of Brazil  and so was born the BR-319, a part of the mis-guided Transamazonica network of roads designed to populate and exploit resources in Amazonas state . For once though, the dream and the reality couldn´t see eye-to-eye. The bungled build project, the lack of...

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