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The Independent Blog: A visit to the heart of the lungs of the world

Posted by on Sep 6, 2013 in Birds, Conservation, The Independent Blog | 0 comments

A trickle of sweat runs down my chest. Distant rumbles of thunder trigger an Amazon orchestra. Crickets, cicadas and grasshoppers whine in desperate anticipation. A pair of white-throated toucans yelp in their lofty perches above the canopy. Three screaming piha birds join the crescendo from their skulking perches in the green latticework. The forest is at fever pitch. Welcome to the heart of the Amazon…. to read more, please click...

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The Independent Blog: A recipe for a healthy rainforest in a nutshell

Posted by on Aug 13, 2013 in Conservation, Food and Nutrition, The Independent Blog | 0 comments

A chocolate-coloured, toe-shaped nut. The Brazil nut. One of the finest. Full of protein, calcium, iron, selenium and a whole host of other riches; one creamy crunch and you’re reaching for another. But hang on. Stop there. Your hand hovers over the bowl? It’s time to travel with that Brazil nut, to see life as it sees it. Surf over the sea, nose-dive into the Southern Hemisphere, skip a time-zone or three and push back the lianas into the steaming shadows of the largest rainforest on earth To read more click...

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The Independent Blog, Soya: The Argentinian Gold Rush- Meeting the Winners and Losers

Posted by on Jun 2, 2013 in Conservation, Farming, The Independent Blog | 0 comments

It is Autumn time south of the equator, and whilst the majority of Argentinians are readying themselves for another Boreal winter, the small town of Las Lajitas is ramping up for its busiest time of year. Located in Salta province in the north of this vast country, the streets are jammed with chrome-clad Toyota Hiluxs, replete with tinted windows. Colossal agricultural machinery blocks the small, normally deserted roads. Some of the biggest grain driers in the world, interlinked with a myriad of curious pipes, dwarf the modern brick Catholic church. Local Authority workers are readying the...

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The Independent Blog: Roast Armadillo- A Recipe for Extinction?

Posted by on May 4, 2013 in Conservation, Mammals, The Independent Blog | 0 comments

Salta Province, northern Argentina. Two children stand by the side of the road. A silver car with blackened windows drives passed. The girls wave something at it. The car continues, but suddenly grinds to a halt and reverses. Three portly men in white trousers and shades, step out of the car to inspect what they’re holding. One turns his back to urinate. The other two examine the coveted possession. It’s a mammal, an armadillo. Specifically, the little, southern three-banded armadillo (Tolypeutes matacusis). The men are laughing and shouting, “Flaco, tan flaco”, “Thin, too...

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The Independent Blog: New fencing plan threatens wildlife. Is there is an alternative to this silent massacre?

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Two thousand and eight hundred miles; the equivalent of running between Lands End and John O’Groats three times! This is the distance my husband and I have now run through the continent of South America. And nearly every step of the way has been alongside wire fences; enclosing the sheep, cattle and goats that graze vast tracks of Chile’s and Argentina’s woodlands, grasslands and savannas. Before starting our 5000mileproject expedition to run the length of South America, neither of us had considered the impact that fences would have on our daily lives and the wildlife and wild places...

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The Independent Blog: Why I Think Avaaz Is Pants But Bogs Are Brilliant

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Harsh. Really I should like Avaaz, the online petition forum which uses international people-power to lobby for defenceless minorities on a global scale. Why, just this week in less than 24 hours, 500,000 people were moved to sign a petition to help rid Ecuador of an oil project which would threaten virgin rainforest habitat – so what’s so very bad about that? Well, the most likely thing this half a million people did after wielding their “mouse” so valiantly to                To read more click...

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