Questions on Running & Wildlife in South America

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We visited a marvellous Devon primary school, Landscore, who we have been sharing stories with ever since we sailed from the UK to work in international conservation in 2008. We were really excited to meet up with their Headmaster Mr Read again, as well as all the teachers and school children. The children asked us loads of fab, juicy, questions. We love asking questions and so are delighted that more have arrived! Check out our answers below…………… From Mrs Houston’s Class (Year 2) Q.1.How many schools did you go to in South America? (Archie) We had a...

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Q. What is the craziest animal you have ever seen?

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Thanks Master Elithorn from Farnham for that question! Well, it´s good timing too, because we were running through Brazil the other day and what we saw blew our minds!!! A Giant Anteater! They live in all sorts of habitats but  in many places they are not doing well at the moment. It is easiest to find them in savanna which is a habitat that has long grasses and some gnarly trees. They are such a crazy creature, check out his nose!!  Why not watch the video . . .then we have a question for YOU! Can you think what he normally eats (HINT: often the common name of an animal givs away lots of...

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Q. What is your Favourite Bird in South America?

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Question from 8 year old, George, Morpeth, Northumberland. Thank you very much! Hmm. Now this is a particularly tricky question for two people who love wildlife and have a particular soft-soft for the feathered variety! Especially, as along the course of the thousands of miles that we have run, it has been birds more than anything that has kept us company. Because that is the cool thing about birds in particular. They are so visible. Where ever you are you can find them; whether in a city park, school play-ground, country lane, up high on the moors or running with us now through the largest...

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“Have you seen an Anaconda or any other snakes?”

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Question from six year old Tommy of Dulverton Somerset, UK. Thank you for asking Tommy! You´ve asked a very popular question. Lots of people are interested in snakes and the species (types) we are seeing. So here goes……..! The Answer: NO & YES+ VIDEO BELOW!!! YES: Now that we are in the Tropics and running through the enormous Amazon Basin we see a snake almost everyday.  Unfortunately, 90% of the time they are squished on the road by the passing traffic.   Snakes are fascinating and we both love watching them. I remember finding the worn out skins of grass snakes and...

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Question: How tiring is it? Are you getting used to it?

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Thank you very much 8 year old Tom from Copplestone, Devon, UK,  for your questions! (And learn more by clicking here to read this blog in Spanish !) Q. 1: How tiring is it? It’s more tiring than we could ever have imagined!! It’s a bit like you playing football for 4 hours a day, every day, whilst dragging your 10 year-old sister around behind you!! All we want to do is sleep – preferably a very long sleep, like a dormouse or hedgehog that hibernates in the winter!! At the moment we are in northern Argentina and the temperatures are reaching 40 degrees Celsius in the...

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Q: Can you speak to birds???!

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From 12 year old Leila, Montevideo, Uruguay. “Can you speak to birds?” Answer: Yes. When we were working in the Eastern Caribbean surveying seabirds, we would get into our kayak at night and paddle to the little islands close to us. Once we were close enough, we would drift on the waves and play the call through a loud speaker of the “Audubon’s Shearwater”, a type/ species of seabird that lays its eggs in the area we were studying. If the shearwater was at home, it would reply! Often it would come down to our kayak and swoop over us screaming its cackling call, as he thought we...

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