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Running South America with my Husband and other animals is winging its way to book stores across the land now! We’ll be talking and selling/signing books throughout the UK over the following months and would love to see you. Events so far include: Rutland Birdfair– Saturday 19th August (0930) Rothbury Hall- Northumberland, Thursday 31st August (1930) Base Camp Festival 2017- Peak District Saturday 9th September (1200) Hayle / Falmouth- Cornwall mid September (TBC) Appledore Book Festival– Devon Wednesday 27th September 2017 (1400) Crediton Community Bookshop– Devon...

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Runner’s World: The Limits of Endurance

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We appear in the July 2014 issue of Runner’s World! Fantastic talking about the expedition again; the wildlife, wildernesses, risks and survival...

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Casting No Shadow & Running Faster than the Sun!!

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I have waited a long time for this day – the day the sun passed directly overhead! Everyday, the sun passes in an arc from East to West (well, we spin really, but let´s take an earth-centric view of things!), no matter where we are in the world, excluding the very poles. If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, North of 22.5 degrees, the Tropic of Cancer, then that arc will always be slightly to the South of you, and vice-versa for the South. If you live, or RUN, in between the Tropics, the sun will pass over your head twice a year. Today was that day, and the only time it will happen...

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Finding a new gear as the rain finally catches us!

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Manaus to Boa Vista Miles (kms):  479  (770)     |       Days running:     22      |          Days of Rain:     16 Biggest Week, miles (kms):  165    (265)                            |           Biggest Day, miles (kms): 30    (48) Miles (kms)  run to date:  5,718  (9,202)                           |          Remaining:   744   (1.198) For  more stats click here                                           CLICK ON IMAGES BELOW FOR HIGHER RES:  We´ve been skirting the rains for the last 6 months, just...

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Running the Amazon Pt 1: Gallery

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A Gallery of images from our run from Porto Velho to Manaus, Amazona. This unique expedition leg is better captured in images than words .. .. .. Click to view larger images.         over a 150kg of supplies, no hi-tech foods in Humaita! A tale of two trailers . . . The controversial plan to renovate the 319 threatens the amazon rainforest A rare savanna, before we plunge into the jungle After only 1 mile the trailer collapses under its l

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A break from running; time to find our parrot

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We have been unusually quiet over the last week. The reason is we took time out to learn more about the charity, Armonia,  we are jointly running for. If a picture speaks a thousand words, please enjoy a 29,000 word essay below, click the arrow on the gallery to begin playback. It has been an incredible few days, deep in the Beni Wetlands, a place only possible to arrive in by little plane (yes, you read correctly, ug). Alone in the area which will become the blue-throated macaw reserve, we spent hours on horseback, on foot, by boat on the extensive wetlands transfixed by extraordinary...

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