A simple solution to the monthly flow….

Every item in the running trailer (which we´ve pulled for over 5000 miles through snow, driving rain, clagging mud) is crucial.

It could be no other way. Any superflous object means extra stess on our knees, joints, back. Especially scaling the Andes, or now in the Amazon basin running up and down, up and down, all day long, for twenty plus miles.

But there is one item that has strictly one use and it´s just for me. My Mooncup.

This brilliant silicon cup is so light, simple and unobtrusive. It only comes out once a month, but that appearance is vital.

Without it we would have to carry a small shop of sanitary products. Then there would be the issue of what to do with all the stinking remains of the towels and tampons?

I don´t want to contaminate what we all depend upon- those last remaining wild places- the forests, rivers, grasslands that we´re running through. They control our weather, provide our fresh water, our medicines, our pollinators and above all make life worth living.

I don´t want to clog up rubbish bins, landfill sites, rivers or roadsides (there aren´t many days that pass without our seeing a sanitary towel by the roadside or floating in a stream) nor pligh thousands of pounds into the hands of sanitary product providers. With my Mooncup I just need some water to clean it and I´m off.

It took me a while to master extracting it (but no longer than those first excruciating trials of putting a tampon in) but now that I´ve worked it out, it´s simple and quick. Plus, I know much more about my ´inner workings´ and I´m really amazed that any other product was invented.

So, the Mooncup is fab for the environment, safer for your body, cheaper than buying all those sanitary products. I really can´t see why it isn´t a win win situation for all, apart from Mooncup who only get to sell one or perhaps two to a woman in her life!

To find out more about Mooncup, for questions, where to buy them or anything else you need to know click here.

To watch there fab Mooncup rap video, click here.

To learn how to use the Mooncup, click here.

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