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Hear Dave and Kath’s daily phlog – 53rd phonecast

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A simple solution to the monthly flow….

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Every item in the running trailer (which we´ve pulled for over 5000 miles through snow, driving rain, clagging mud) is crucial. It could be no other way. Any superflous object means extra stess on our knees, joints, back. Especially scaling the Andes, or now in the Amazon basin running up and down, up and down, all day long, for twenty plus miles. But there is one item that has strictly one use and it´s just for me. My Mooncup. This brilliant silicon cup is so light, simple and unobtrusive. It only comes out once a month, but that appearance is vital. Without it we would have to carry a...

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Dear new running shoes, where are you?!

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Dear shoes, where are you? I hope its not too uncomfortable in that little parcel you are in. I see from the first attempt to post you via DHL tracking 3 weeks ago that had an eventful time! You were sent by my parents to me, to replace the ones we have run 1000’s of miles in, and you went via UK, Europe, the USA, all the way to Sao Paulo, Brazil, where you were turned around and sent all the way home again because the shipping company didn’t tick one little box saying “personal effects”. We tried to save you the long and weary journey home but apparently the system...

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