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The Independent Blog: A recipe for a healthy rainforest in a nutshell

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A chocolate-coloured, toe-shaped nut. The Brazil nut. One of the finest. Full of protein, calcium, iron, selenium and a whole host of other riches; one creamy crunch and you’re reaching for another. But hang on. Stop there. Your hand hovers over the bowl? It’s time to travel with that Brazil nut, to see life as it sees it. Surf over the sea, nose-dive into the Southern Hemisphere, skip a time-zone or three and push back the lianas into the steaming shadows of the largest rainforest on earth To read more click...

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Dear Mum and Dad

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hi guys, in presedente figueiredo – a functional (horrid) little town!! anyway – thanks for sending parcel  – just checked, you wouldn´t believe it but they buggered up again (is it really a german company?!) – this time sent to the wrong facility in spain according to tracking. We have 3 more days running til the limit of the indian reserve which we may or may not be allowed to pass, then 3 days in it, if allowed, then not sure when we next get access, perhaps nova paraisa, which is unlikely to be a new paradise, the old one was ok i thought!!  Problem is...

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