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NO ENTRY- first time in over 5000 miles.

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We were told not to run through the reserve, that the Indigenous people of the Waimiri Atroari Indian Reserve were hostile towards ‘white people’. That they had attacked people in the Reserve with bows and arrows. That they stole the passports and money of a party of people whom had walked into their forest and threw the “booty” into the river! That only their law exists in the Reserve. One can understand. Thirty-six years ago the BR174 road – one of the Pan Amazonian tendrils planned to open the Amazon to resource extraction – was pushed through their...

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Less than 1000 miles to go…

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Kath and I have hammered out a plan, based on lots of  assumptions, including ramping up our mileage significantly whilst taking less rest days. What could possibly go wrong?! 

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