Vivobarefoot: Floating on an orange-gringo wave

For the past couple of months we’ve been running in Vivobarefoot shoes. Think ultra-light. In fact the term “shoe” doesn’t really suit these wee critters. They’re snug like slippers, but allow your feet to “feel” the surface your running over. According to Jonno, our running coach, this is vital for all those tiny foot muscles that need to remember how to work again. The“Neo Trails”, in which we stormed out to Cabo Froward also have fantastic grip which allowed us to stick like Velcro to the ice and slimy wavy cut platforms of the coastal wilderness.

Ok, this is sounding like a sale pitch, sorry! It’s just such a revolution running as if we’re floating on air and shedding the weight of conventional trainers. I hope it will last, 5000 miles plus is a test for any shoe, let alone foot, knee, hip…..ugh!

We have two other pairs of Vivobarefoot shoes each: “Breatho Trails” and “Ultras” which are even lighter and airier. We’re saving these for the northern sections, when our feet will will need the extra air on the hot dusty roads.

In the meantime it’s just a case of remembering the “barefoot running” technique that Jonno has been drilling us on; running tall, with short, light steps. It’s just after ten odd miles it’s difficult to maintain the focus. Then there’s the trailer and the theory scatters by the wayside! I find myself ogling carts, trailers, wagons, supermarket trolleys with a new reverence, especially the poor man or horse who has to pull them.

On the plus side, people are hooting at us, clapping and smiling. One man shouted from his house, “A Londres!” The strange orange-gringo apparition is turning heads, now we just need to turn a few heads in the direction of these incredible wildernesses we’re running through. Any ideas how?!

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  1. Fascinating descriptives on running in the neoprene shoes mimicking barefoot running.

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