5000 Mile Project Support Team

María PellettaTranslator Ellen BirrellMarketing Advisor Jonno GibbinsBarefoot Running Coach  Maria Abud Patagonia Logistics

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[tabcontent] [tab]PAST ‘FEATS’: María lived for 33 years in Argentina, acting as a primary school teacher, a nursery music teacher for children aged 2-5 and a language teacher (English and Spanish) for all ages (all the way to a lovely 67 year old lady who wanted to finish her secondary school before she died). She has lived in the UK since 1996, working as a translator and a tour guide; but she can’t survive too far from children, so she runs workshops teaching them how to make paper out of recycled rubbish.

WHY MARIA: Maria is not only a superb translator with an extraordinarily acute eye to detail and incredibly rapid and thorough at her work, she’s also passionate about the continent we’re running through; understanding its people and environment and how the two are linked. We are extremely fortunate to have her on our team.

FAVOURITE SAYING: 1/2 glass of water + 1/2 glass of air… technically the glass is always 100% full.

WHY 5000mileproject: Because they went and they did it! I hope that by translating their site and blogs I help more people know about the project, which in my view is more than just about creating awareness of the environmental problems. They are showing that when “something has to be done” about an issue, there is no one better than yourself to do it. Run, translate, write, paint, teach, take photographs… do it your way, but -as David and Katharina- just do it!

WEBSITE: www.mariapelletta.com[/tab]

[tab]PAST ‘FEATS’: 23 year career in sales & marketing including ‘Director of Sales’, Snowbird Ski & Summer Resort, Utah.

WHY ELLEN: As well as being an exceptional marketer, Ellen is Kath and Dave’s ‘voice of America’. She’s a kindred spirit as a writer, sailor, runner, dancer, teacher and conservationist. Ellen = Positive Energy!

FAVOURITE SAYING: “Setting an example is not the main means of influencing another, it is the only means”, Albert Einstein.

WHY 5000mileproject: “By example Katharine & David inspire North Americans and Europeans to appreciate and understand more about South American people & ecosystems. I want to be a part of this important work.”

WEBSITE: www.boldlygo.us and www.facebook.com/carriacoujuniorsailing[/tab]

[tab]PAST ‘FEATS’: Jonno is one sporty guy! He competes in triathlons, surfs and teaches barefoot running; for which he is pretty much the only barefoot coach outside of London! He was also the British snowboard slalom champion and published the original UK snowboarding instructor book.

WHY JONNO: Jonno’s philosophy of following, “A raw, simple, natural and healthy lifestyle”, mirrors our own. His commitment to barefoot running is infectious and goals to inspire the masses about this natural running style impressive. He’s also achieving incredible ‘feats’ in changing our once appalling running style, via email and skype over 5000miles away, from SW England to Uruguay!

FAVOURITE SAYING: “People don’t stop running because they get old… they get old because they stop running!”

WHY 5000mileproject: Hearing that David and Katherine were planning to run 5000 miles was awe inspiring and I wanted to help them enjoy the expedition by running as efficiently as possible. Their project also shows the rest of us mere mortals what is really possible if we are willing and how anyone can help to protect the future of our planet.

WEBSITE: www.barefootrunningcoach.co.uk ; www.barefootacademy.com;http://trainingclinic.vivobarefoot.com/jonno-gibbins/

MOBILE TEL: (UK +44) 7972 232797

EMAIL: jonno@barefootrunningcoach.co.uk [/tab]

[tab]PAST ‘FEATS’: Maria is the director and founder of Patagonia Trails; an adventure travel company, specialising in exploring the amazing wilderness and wildlife of Patagonia, whether on foot, by horse or by wheel.  This is not surprising as she has lived, traveled and led trekking expeditions in Europe, Africa and her native South America. 

WHY MARIA: Maria is our Senorita “Fix-It”! She has advised and liaised with officials on solutions for our passing national and international borders in remote Patagonian. She has received and posted essential replacement /used equipment and is constantly dependable; always being there for us, whether in Spanish or English!

FAVOURITE SAYING: “Todo tiene solucion menos la muerte”.  “Vive impulsando a las personas no frenandolas”.

WHY 5000mileproject: “Because what you are doing is certainly unique, because I want to contribute to a better world for the future, because you need it and because I like you!”

WEBSITE: http://www.patagoniatrails.cl/

TEL: (Chile) 0056 9 83512934;  MOBILE TEL: (Chile) 0056 9 83512934

EMAIL: maria@patagoniatrails.cl

Click Here for Patagonia Trails FACEBOOK link

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