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Going nuts over Brazil Nuts (from Bolivia!)

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OK – so the running is over and our bodies are in repair, but so often our minds are carried back to South America, the expedition and the incredible landscape by the many reminders we see in the products that we consume here at home in the UK. Sugar from Paraguay, Brazil nuts from Bolivia etc etc. We feel we know South America so well now, and how can we be sure that the products we buy here in Europe, and consumers throughout the world buy, are any good for the continent where they come from? We caused a bit of a stir by criticizing “clictivism” in an article published...

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The Independent Blog: A recipe for a healthy rainforest in a nutshell

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A chocolate-coloured, toe-shaped nut. The Brazil nut. One of the finest. Full of protein, calcium, iron, selenium and a whole host of other riches; one creamy crunch and you’re reaching for another. But hang on. Stop there. Your hand hovers over the bowl? It’s time to travel with that Brazil nut, to see life as it sees it. Surf over the sea, nose-dive into the Southern Hemisphere, skip a time-zone or three and push back the lianas into the steaming shadows of the largest rainforest on earth To read more click...

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Running The Amazon Rainforest: The Plan

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The Route: The Infamous BR 319 In reality, we are trying to run to an island. On a Brazilian roadmap you will not encounter distances to Manaus, because it is effectively an island, and you can´t simply drive there. But is has not always been that way. In the 70´s, the military goverment sought to connect Manaus to the rest of Brazil  and so was born the BR-319, a part of the mis-guided Transamazonica network of roads designed to populate and exploit resources in Amazonas state . For once though, the dream and the reality couldn´t see eye-to-eye. The bungled build project, the lack of...

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Rains prove it is better not to throw caution to the wind

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As I write the rain is pummeling down on the thatched roof of the Hostel– a sage reminder that the “dry” season is not entirely sure it has arrived. And a reminder too that the decision we took to run 150 miles west to avoid the inundated wetlands in the middle of Bolivia was probably the right thing to do. Had we not, we could have been seriously cut off today and unable to go forward or back! We are in Santa Rosa, in the northern Province of Beni, Bolivia. The flags on our dynamic map at the bottom of each page on our website are correct, we really have gone sideways! Over the last 3...

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“Roadkill Stew” as austerity measures hit the project

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“Better than horsemeat no doubt, and with a distinctive gamey flavour – but not half dry and tendonous!” That’s is our culinary assessment of Darwin’s Nothura, a grouse-like species of fowl, native to Argentina. We don’t tend to eat the subjects of our Megatransect wildlife surveys! But today as we ran the long asphalt road we chanced upon the fresh body of a hit-and-run roadkill incident intact, superficially at least, lying by the verge. Eyes still bright but tragically dead. We at first inspected the plumage to identify the poor soul, then we thought why not make...

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Sesame Seed Biscuits along the road

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As we were winding our way up a hill towards Cerro Castillo, southern Chile, a small car suddenly ground to a halt in front of us. Out sprang Argentinian Mandy and her Spanish friend. Before we knew what a hurricane had hit us, grapefruit mate’ and sesame seed crackers were deposited in our hands. Wonderful!! The whirlwind of chatter completely reinvigorated us as did our new “friends” the crackers- scrumptious! Every 3-4 miles we now tuck into them plus a glug of olive oil. The olive oil provides 830 Kcl/100ml (try to find that in any other food!) and the crackers are 428 Kcl/100g, pus...

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