The Independent Blog, Soya: The Argentinian Gold Rush- Meeting the Winners and Losers

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It is Autumn time south of the equator, and whilst the majority of Argentinians are readying themselves for another Boreal winter, the small town of Las Lajitas is ramping up for its busiest time of year. Located in Salta province in the north of this vast country, the streets are jammed with chrome-clad Toyota Hiluxs, replete with tinted windows. Colossal agricultural machinery blocks the small, normally deserted roads. Some of the biggest grain driers in the world, interlinked with a myriad of curious pipes, dwarf the modern brick Catholic church. Local Authority workers are readying the...

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So we thought we had it bad….!

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We have just arrived into Valle Chacabuco, the area of  Patagonia we are raising money for, through our charity Conservacion Patagonica. Our first glimpse of this astounding mountainous landscape tells us just how much help folk here trying to restore this place are going to need – this is phenomenal! We were collected by pick-up off our route 11km away, and brought to the park HQ. The area we have driven through is recovering from a century of intensive overgrazing, which we’ll learn more about later, but the effects are devastating. Its hard to imagine that sheep and cows...

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The Independent Blog: The silent death of a forest

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What images do you see when you think of Patagonia? An icy steppe? Well, there is that – but as we sailed through Chile’s fjords we also found lush rainforests and turquoise waters. Now, as we travel in our recycled trailer through a Patagonian winter, we are discovering another unexpected sight; the Lenga forest…. Follow this link to the blog and Please do comment if you enjoy reading it. Thank...

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“Homosapien Uruguayanera”

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The warmth of the “Homosapien Uruguayanera” is extraordinary. Our wonderful “abuelas” (“grandparents”) Primavera and Angelito who live on the river bank and whose small farm we pass through every day, welcome us by their fireplace to chat, eat and watch the Brazilian soap-operas. There is Mercedes and Reuben who milk 15 “vacitas” cows and deliver a bottle of warm milk or a sample of their home-grown pate on the river bank each day. Sarah and Jorge who have given us homemade wine, knitted a scarf for the south and whisked us around Montevideo on a tour of its natural...

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Saving 2 million acres of wilderness

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Since arriving in Chile in April 2011, we had heard a lot about one couple, Douglas and Kristine Tompkins. Together they have conserved over 2 million acres of wilderness in Chile and Argentina through their respective organisations; The Conservation Land Trust and Conservacion Patagonica, more than any other private individuals. Buying land, to solely conserve it, was previously unheard of in Chile. The conspiracy theories abounded. There were claims that they were setting up a new Zionist state, that they would claim Chilean borders or steal Chile’s water to sell it to Africa. It...

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