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Heading into the Blue

Posted by on Feb 9, 2015 in Running | 0 comments

Hello from up a creek in Uruguay. We’ve abandoned our running shoes & are soon to abandon dry land as we wait for a weather window to head out into the Southern Atlantic from the Rio Plata. We left UK shores in 2008 and have since circumnavigated South America in our 80 year old wooden sailing boat, run it’s length, now we just need to plough c.6000 nautical miles to the Caribbean and then another 2-3000 to our fair isle home. Our website and blog spot for our sailing shenanigans is Things have changed- we now have a new captain- Sir Theodore Lowrie- who...

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¡Nuestro hijo (a una semana)marcha para nuestro planeta!

Posted by on Nov 11, 2014 in Español | 0 comments

A una semana de su nacimiento, el 21 de septiembre de 2014, Theo, nuestro hijo, estuvo con nosotros en Newcastle en una marcha por el cambio climático que organizó su papá, David. David se paró frente a más de 350 personas en el centro de la ciudad y leyó esta carta a los lideres del mundo “de parte de Theo” , “Hola, mi nombre es Theo, y aunque probablemente no me conozcan todavía, les cuento que soy el ciudadano número 7 mil 221 millones 250 mil 989 del mundo. Nací la semana pasada. Quería decirles “hola” y que también que supieran que he estado en este planeta por muy...

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Our one week old son marches for the planet!

Posted by on Oct 17, 2014 in Alternative Energy, Conservation | 0 comments

One week after his birth (on 21st September 2014)  Theo, our son was with us in Newcastle on a climate change march set up by his Father, David. David stood up in front of over 350 people in the town centre and read out a letter ‘from Theo’, ” Hi, my name is Theo and although you probably don’t know me yet, I am citizen 7 billion, 221 million, 25 thousand and 989th on this planet. I was born last week. I wanted to say, “Hi” and to let you know that it has only been a short while, but I love this planet as it is. I know you may think that growth or GDP,...

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Join us at the BirdFair

Posted by on Aug 14, 2014 in Birdlife International, Birds, Conservation, Sponsorship and Donations | 0 comments

Dave and I are heading south this Friday 15th August. We’re catching the train to Rutland for our last migration (sadly not on foot!)  before the baby arrives in mid September (hopefully she/he doesn’t surface before!) We’re joining forces with Swarovski-optiks our binocular sponsor for the expedition & will be presenting, “Running with Parrots, Anteaters & Snakes: 6,500 miles across South America” on Saturday @16.30. We’d love to see you there. The BirdFair is an amazing international bird & wildlife emporium jostling with: talks, stalls,...

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The Ultimate Marathoners Return to the UK!

Posted by on Aug 9, 2014 in Birds, Conservation, Wildlife Moment Of The Week | 0 comments

Imagine running a marathon day after day. How about running six marathons a day for six weeks?! Well it may not be humanly possible, but as you walk to your local shop, to the allotments or playing fields, you could be in the presence of an animal that has done exactly that; the barn swallow. Travelling over 6,500 miles from its wintering grounds in southern Africa: threading through ancient trees in the Congo rainforest, under the gaze of African grey parrots, lowland gorillas and forest elephants; slicing over the rolling dunes of the Sahara desert; catching midges amongst the olive groves...

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