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Why did we Choose to Run South America?

Posted by on Nov 20, 2013 in Big Toe Blog, Big Toe Noticeboard, Birds, Mammals, Waddle on the Wildside, Wildlife Moment Of The Week, YouTube Channel | 0 comments

We chose to run South America because we thought we might only be able to run such a very long way, 6504 miles, once in our lives. And in that case, it would have to be the most wildlife and plant rich place in the world. With the largest tropical rainforest, the biggest river, longest mountain chain, most bird, monkey and amphibian species and so much more… it was very clear, South America it had to be! We got to know some amazing wildlife and wildlands along the way, including snakes, giant anteaters and guanacos. So why not check out this video and meet them! Then put on your...

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Q. How do you connect whilst in remote parts of South America?

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People often ask us how we stay connected on the whilst running through remote parts of South America for its wildlife an wild places. Here we explain one way, our Iridium satellite phone, with a surprising twist half way through!! More recently in more populated areas we make use of skype, for better line and better economy! We report our GPS position via the phone to our online IPADIO maps. To learn how GPS works and amaze your friends and family, why not download our easy-to-use worksheet...

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FILM Adaptions- Different Beaks for Different Diets

Posted by on Oct 3, 2013 in Big Toe Blog, Birdlife International, Birds, Waddle on the Wildside, YouTube Channel | 0 comments

On the 1st October we were in Guasipati, Venezuela, with Jose Maria Emazabel School and over 80 children and their teachers… fantastic to be chatting about the amazing wild places in this country, including these wonderful birds.. check out this video- 5 incredible beaks on 5 incredible birds!!! Each beak is Unique!  

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Running with Parrots

Posted by on Sep 5, 2013 in Armonía, Birdlife International, Birds, Waddle on the Wildside, YouTube Channel | 0 comments

From the very South to the North of continental South America we have been in the company of parrots. Watching them preening, screaming over our heads, excavating nests or apparently checking us out on ´ fly-bys´ has just been amazing. They never cease to brighten us up and remind us how amazing this wild planet is!

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SEPTEMBER 2013 DoNation Campaign Competition Launch!!!

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CLICK TO PLAY THE SHORT VIDEO TO FIND OUT HOW! ( … and laugh at David in a his new “bananaman running outfit!!) For the whole month of September we will be asking for your help to raise a load of pledges for DoNation, the new fantastic way to support our expedition, and help motivate us to get the final 800 miles done!!! Each week there will be a chance to win superb prizes – and all YOU have to do to win is to have made a pledge – no matter how big or small!   DON’T WASTE A MINUTE, DO IT NOW!! CLICK HERE Step-by-step we can all do something to make the...

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Kit List – what do you sleep on?

Posted by on Oct 20, 2012 in Running, Sponsorship and Donations, YouTube Channel | 0 comments

Thanks Klymit for providing us with comfort in a very small packet! We are using the Inertia XL mat to sleep on and we seriously love them. Top tip is to slip a foam mat underneath to protect it and extended the number of seasons by a couple!

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