David Rainforest

Katharine and David have a passion for wildernesses, wildlife and adventure. It fuelled their sailing circumnavigation of South America (2008-2015) and their 6,504 mile run (1/3 of which was barefoot) along the length of the continent (2012-2013).



IMG_4970Along the way they recorded the wildlife they met and taught at schools, many of whom had never had an outside presenter, let alone two from the other side of the world. They undertook the first complete breeding seabird surveys of the Eastern Caribbean and then wrote the Seabird Atlas in the Orinoco River.



In September 2014, a new member of the team arrived, baby Theo. He sailed home to the UK with them, on a five thousand mile voyage from Uruguay, via Brazil, to Falmouth, the last leg being two months of non-stop sailing.



P1040466David and Katharine weave ecology, geography and adventure with the unique stories of the people and wildlife they have encountered, on their expeditions into some of the most remote places on earth.



They inspire action, determination and perseverance and the belief that each of us, individually, can make a difference and can overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges.



Journey with them into the heart of the Amazon, over the Andean ridge, deep into the Pacific and the Atlantic Oceans, in the company of blue whales, scarlet macaws and giant anteaters.


The pair have presented to universities, secondary and primary schools, businesses and interest groups in the UK and throughout South America and the Caribbean.National Geographic Society



In addition to inspirational and motivational talks, they have also delivered specific geography and ecology case studies and expedition planning and execution seminars to A ‘level students and primary school children, based on their first-hand experience in the Americas.



Prior to their expeditions, David worked as a Management Consultant for Accenture and Katharine as an Ecologist for the RSPB.




HRH PRINCE CHARLES, “I am hugely impressed that you are undertaking such a gruelling and challenging 5,000 mile run for such a vitally important cause and I pray you will not have too many blisters, mosquito bites and other travel scars by the time you return from such an extraordinary marathon (…) I send you both my kindness good wishes and admiration”.



SIR RANULPH FIENNES, “The Lowries combine rare talents for study and education. By opting to explore and live their lives in a more natural world than most of us, they can usefully share experiences and stimulate young minds with their discoveries. Since I first met David and Katharine, I’ve been impressed by their commitment to inspire without preaching as well as their relevance and importance in an ever growing, commercially exploitative, world”.



JOHN DAVIDSON, Exeter School, “Katharine and David are inspiring speakers who produce very interesting and relevant geography and ecology presentations. They draw on their wide and varied experience in South America and the Caribbean with the added fact that they have actually spent time in these regions studying the local fauna, flora and environment. Their talks are very well prepared and they can tailor them to a variety of age groups from years 5/6 to GCSE and A level”.