The Book

“Why is the Natural World; the Wild Places and Wildlife of South America Important to You??”

This is the question we’re asking people we meet along the road.

We created a leather cover for a whopping great book that we carry on the trailer. Within it we store people’s views.

After we finish the expedition, we intend to run with the book to the Houses of Parliament in London and show how important South America’s wild places and wildlife are to people from around the world.

What people are telling us is that the earth provides us with vital services.

We call these, “Ecosystem Services”. These are the “free services” provided by the natural world, including the ecosystems of South America. Examples include: water filtration, flood control, soil creation, oxygen production etc. that we derive from the natural world and need to survive. Click here to view some of the ecosystem services we benefit from.

Below are a collection of people who have signed the book so far:

Kris Tompkins, Conservationist and CEO of Conservation Patagonia

 Veronica Crossa, Trotamundos Hostel Owner, San Rafael, Argentina.

 Ernesto Franchetti, Farmer,  El Desvio, San Rafael, Argentina.

Andrea Macori, San Rafael, Argentina.

Daniel, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

 Morcela Munoz, Farmer, Naunauco, Las Lajas, Argentina.

German, Rafting Guide, San Rafael, Argentina.

Gabriela and Nora Avila, Farmers, Buta Billon, Malargue, Argentina.

Robinson Alenas, Artist, Pichilemu, Chile.

Hugo Nieto, Parador Owner, Beazley, San Luis, Argentina.

Amparo y Jose Alduncin, Daughter and Father, Business Student and Farmer, San Luis.

Alejandra Freund, Tourist Guide,  Puerto Varas, Chile and Mani Suanto, Captain, Rilan, Chile.

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