Whats in the Bag – Part 1 Food

There is nothing like hard numbers to help identify a problem. When we started this expedition we simply underestimated the load we would be carrying, and therefore the strength required of the trailer and us! In this series of blogs we will look at what’s in the trailer to understand where the weight comes from.

First the Food bag – the list below was compiled on a fairly typical 6-day stretch recently where we would not encounter a single shop, no matter how small, for 180km. Coming from an Island (UK) less wide than this in many parts it comes as a slight surprise that it could be possible not to encounter a village and store of sorts, but some of the areas we have been running have been very remote indeed, especially in winter.

Furthermore we cannot scrimp on food or use technical foodstuffs as everything is sourced locally. A backpacking or adventure running challenge of a week or less can be done on the bodies reserves, supplemented with lightweight dried food, but for a year one simply cannot rob peter to pay paul. Peter goes hungry and falls over.

So here it is – what’s in the food bag:

Evening Snacks
veg 400 Halva 250
butter 750 Chocnuts 150
Sausage 600 Salted peanuts 350
Eggs 600 Rocket Fuel 2500
Garlic 150 3250g
Salt 150 Hot Drinks
Pasta 3500 malt / Hot Chocolate / spices 500
Dried mushroom 200 500g
Dried Potato 250 Lunch
Sun Dred Tomato 250 Cheese 960
Tomato Puree 400 Salami 700
Spices 200 Bread 1000
7450g 3510g
Dried Apple 150
Dried Banana 100 Water* 4000g
Raisins 200
Dulce de Leche 400 Breakfast 4.85
Porridge Oats 1000 Lunch 3.51
Milk powder 1000 Evening 7.45
Honey and Jam 300 Snacks 3.25
Flour 1250 Hot Drinks 0.50
Linseed Flour 300 Water 4.00
Bran 150
4850g TOTAL 23.56 Kg
ALL WEIGHTS ARE LISTED AS NET WEIGHT (ie just the weight of the product inside the packet), GROSS WEIGHT INCL PACKAGING IS NOT INCLUDED  * Water weight depends on availability of water, lots i chile so we carry less, not much in Argentina, so we carry more between stops

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