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Animals of the temperate rainforest

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Question. from four year old Benjamin, Dulverton, UK What sort of animals live in the rainforest? Answer A: Well we’re in temperate rainforest in Chile at the moment. It is like tropical rainforest, but a lot colder! So I’m tapping from the tent under some massive old southern beech trees wrapped in feather jackets! The animals we see here include the chucao- like a big, fat robin. I love this bird as he is very tame and often comes to see what David and I are doing. His voice is also incredibly loud, like a shot-gun, so we can tell when he is around. Other wildlife include the...

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1000th Mile!!!!

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We’re head over heels.. we’ve run our 1000th mile! Feeling very sore and achy, but managing to keep running. The trailer has been re-born and appears better for it. It’s still very heavy up and down the hills, but the wheels keep turning. We’re still running the spectacular Carretera Austral in southern Chile. Lots of hills, rugged terrain, rugged landscape and rich wildlife. On! On!! And thank you for all your support. Check out our phonecast here from the 1000th...

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ipadio: Hear Dave and Kath’s daily phlog – 26th phonecast

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