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Whats in the Bag – Part 1 Food

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There is nothing like hard numbers to help identify a problem. When we started this expedition we simply underestimated the load we would be carrying, and therefore the strength required of the trailer and us! In this series of blogs we will look at what’s in the trailer to understand where the weight comes from. First the Food bag – the list below was compiled on a fairly typical 6-day stretch recently where we would not encounter a single shop, no matter how small, for 180km. Coming from an Island (UK) less wide than this in many parts it comes as a slight surprise that it could...

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Living in southern Chile: the landscape, people and houses

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KEY WORDS: alerce trees, temperate rainforest, shingle houses, adobe houses, Andes mountains, conifer trees We’re running through Patagonia, Southern Chile at the moment. The road is made of hard-packed gravel, cobbles and stones. This is especially hard work for running, as we have to pull the trailer with greater force over the surface, as there is a lot more friction. We also have to dodge pot holes! The road is very hilly, which means lots of hills to run up- grrrr! Although we are very tired every night, from all the hills and running, the landscape is very beautiful and fantastic to...

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