Posts made in October 20th, 2012

Patitas en la Patagonia: Hablamos con los pájaros, ¡de verdad!

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 Miren el video debajo, donde probé charlar con un pájaro carpintero; dura solo un minuto. ¡Es verdad! Nunca pensé que fuera posible hablar con un pájaro, pero el legendario David Attenborough nos mostró, en un video clip en casa de unos amigos en Conservación Patagónica, que sí se puede. Con esas imágenes todavía vivas en mi mente, mientras corríamos por una zona boscosa del sur de Chile, nos interrumpió el ruido infernal que producían tres pájaros carpinteros magallánicos. Agarré dos rocas y me metí hasta las rodillas en el pantanoso suelo del bosque, hasta encontrar un...

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Kit List – what do you sleep on?

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Thanks Klymit for providing us with comfort in a very small packet! We are using the Inertia XL mat to sleep on and we seriously love them. Top tip is to slip a foam mat underneath to protect it and extended the number of seasons by a couple!

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TrekWest journey to experience age-old wildlife pathways, modern barriers

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Our fellow ecologist adventurer and friend in the US, John Davis, is about to embark on his own incredible journey……. “Wilderness explorer and outdoor adventurer, John Davis, is preparing to launch his second epic journey for nature, TrekWest. Davis, who in 2011 became the first person to continuously hike, bike and paddle 7,500 back country miles from the Florida Keys to Quebec’s Gaspe Peninsula, is at it again. Starting in January 2013, he’ll undertake an equal test of human endurance. Extreme altitudes, weather and terrain will challenge his reserve as he treks the...

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A red-breasted mouse of a bird!

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He’s not large and flashy. He doesn’t soar on out-stretched wings. He doesn’t perform a Mozart concerto. But this little forest bird is fast becoming one of my favourite animals in the whole world! The Chucao. His voice is enormous, like a gun-shot. “Chu-cao!”, it echoes through the temperate rainforests of Chile. A feature that proves useful in this noisy land of thundering waterfalls and rivers. When we stalk into the forests to do our morning’s bird survey, or wash in the forest-green rivers or when we collect water from a stream, there is a rustling. A little...

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Feelings from the Road.

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The day before yesterday I was completely dejected. We were on the verge of meeting our 1000th mile and I was miserable! I felt like a little old sparrow hobbling along. Everything hurt, from the outside of my knees, to my ankles and shoulders. Then came the first stitch of the expedition, followed by stomach cramps. Great fun to be around and great running pace- you can imagine. Finally I ground out the 22nd mile, amidst tears. The first (tears). Just fed up with the pain. Dave dealt with the moans and groans, detected a campsite, built a fire and cooked. Marvellous. The next day dawned...

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