TrekWest journey to experience age-old wildlife pathways, modern barriers

Our fellow ecologist adventurer and friend in the US, John Davis, is about to embark on his own incredible journey…….

“Wilderness explorer and outdoor adventurer, John Davis, is preparing to launch his second epic journey for nature, TrekWest. Davis, who in 2011 became the first person to continuously hike, bike and paddle 7,500 back country miles from the Florida Keys to Quebec’s Gaspe Peninsula, is at it again. Starting in January 2013, he’ll undertake an equal test of human endurance. Extreme altitudes, weather and terrain will challenge his reserve as he treks the spine of the Rocky Mountains from Mexico to Canada, all for a passionate cause – restoring and connecting wild places so animals have enough room to survive.

“This is going to be a 10-month 5,000-mile personal migration and an urgent invitation to people everywhere to help protect the wild West we all love so much,” explains Davis. “So many people around the world love the landscapes and animals that are the timeless icons of western North America. Sadly, many do not realize how highly threatened they’re become given the unrelenting creation of barriers that prevent wildlife from going the distances they need to find mates, homes and food.”…  “

Click here to learn more about John’s incredible journey.

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