Sesame Seed Biscuits along the road

As we were winding our way up a hill towards Cerro Castillo, southern Chile, a small car suddenly ground to a halt in front of us. Out sprang Argentinian Mandy and her Spanish friend. Before we knew what a hurricane had hit us, grapefruit mate’ and sesame seed crackers were deposited in our hands. Wonderful!! The whirlwind of chatter completely reinvigorated us as did our new “friends” the crackers- scrumptious! Every 3-4 miles we now tuck into them plus a glug of olive oil. The olive oil provides 830 Kcl/100ml (try to find that in any other food!) and the crackers are 428 Kcl/100g, pus 11g of protein, plus fibre.  We’ve also found a brand of crackers called, “Granix” which don’t contain palm or soya oil- so better for the environment and fantastic fuel for us too!

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