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Expedition Comms Map: Staying In Touch On The Run

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Staying in touch with sponsors, supporters, family and friends whilst on the run in wonderfully wild but disconnected places presents some challenges, especially when you have to carry all your kit in the running  trailer, but this is how we do it: CLICK MAP TO ENLARGE       *A special thank you to Our grant Sculpt the Future Foundation, and technology...

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“Deja de ir a la deriva, empieza a remar”, el libro de Roz Savage del Pacífico

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Estamos de regreso a nuestra antigua casa de 80 años (nuestro velero) en Uruguay y extraordinariamente sigue flotando! Antes de abandonar el Reino Unido conseguí hacerme con una copia del libro de Roz Savage, “Deja de ir a la deriva, empieza a remar”. Impresionante, una rara visión, cercana y personal sobre la vida en el Pacífico a través de los ojos de la primera remera del océano del mundo. Desde un dolorido y enrojecido trasero debido a la actividad- a volcar, a tratar con unos estridentes vecinos; los pajaros piqueros y deslizándose a través de las manchas de basura de...

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“Stop Drifting, Start Rowing”; Roz Savage’s Pacific Ocean Book

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We’re back on our 80 yr old home (our boat) in Uruguay & remarkably she’s still floating! Before we left the UK I managed to get my hands on a copy of Roz Savage’s, “Stop Drifting, Start Rowing”. Amazing! A rare, up-close & personal glimpse of life at sea in the Pacific through the eyes of a world first ocean rower. From a bum red-raw with rowing, to capsizing, dealing with raucous booby-bird neighbours and gliding through slicks of plastic rubbish. It navigates the reader through the trials and intense beauty of life on the high seas, as well as exploring a different...

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