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Secret hot springs in sheeting rain…

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[start] Update from the road: 30 October 2012 “Cascadas Escondidas” Campsite, Parque Pumalin, Carretera Austral, Chile. Puerto Montt: 150km north. Nearing the end of the Carretera Austral. Arrived into Chaiten, a town on the Pacific coast, a couple of days ago. In 2008, Volcan Chaiten erupted spewing ash all over the town and surrounding forest and rivers. No one knew it was a volcano; just another large lump in the spine of the Andes. Ash inundated the community and four years later it still piles up inside and outside abandoned houses. But the residents are coming back. We...

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Fellow “Earth People”

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A few days ago, David and I were “trotando (ing)”  (the new word we use to explain that we are indeed RUNNING not walking to passing Chilenos) when we bumped into a pair of Italian- Brazillian cyclists. They were lovely and we can never resist chatting… as for vast distances we ony hear our own “dulcet” tones and those of the birds. Anyway, they told us of a couple living a few miles up the road in a turf house who like to meet passing cyclists?! Marvellous! The trailer may not be a bike, but it has wheels and we´re journeying, so we made a bee-line. For 45...

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A tiny irridescent bombing bird

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We knew this jewel of a little bird from our passage through the canals of Chile. His absence has been noted through the drier regions of Argentina and Chile. Now suddenly we have run back into his territory. Territory indeed. This gnat of a bird has the punch of a bull-dog. With his soprano’s looping call, he bursts high over the tree tops, like an over grown bee. Blink and you miss him. A blurr of gyrating wings. One, two, three; who’s chasing who? No one is safe. He’s guarding the red bounty of his notra flowers, now the yellow blumes of the michay. No peace for...

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ipadio: Hear Dave and Kath’s daily phlog – 27th phonecast

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A mouse, rain, cold and suspect flu

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Thurs 25 Oct: Quick Update from the Road. Quick stop in Villa Santa Lucia, three days south of Chaiten, Carretera Austral, Chile. Pouring with rain, very cold. Still 8 miles of the day’s 20 mile quota to run. Dave had a worrying 48 hours of flu like symptons, without a cold/runny nose etc. He had a fierce chill,  although he was flaming hot to the touch. This was accompanied by an aching chest and torso, difficulty in breathing and diahorrea. This matched exactly the Hanta Virus symptons. A virus carried by mice introduced to Chile from the Far East a couple of decades ago. The...

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