Animals of the temperate rainforest

Question. from four year old Benjamin, Dulverton, UK

What sort of animals live in the rainforest?

Answer A: Well we’re in temperate rainforest in Chile at the moment. It is like tropical rainforest, but a lot colder! So I’m tapping from the tent under some massive old southern beech trees wrapped in feather jackets!

The animals we see here include the chucao- like a big, fat robin. I love this bird as he is very tame and often comes to see what David and I are doing. His voice is also incredibly loud, like a shot-gun, so we can tell when he is around.

Other wildlife include the Darwin’s frog. This is a little woodland frog. And guess what?
The male of the species looks after the young frogs in his mouth!!!

There are also pumas, but we have not seen one yet, only their paw prints! We would love to see this huge cat! It is a bit like a lion, but without a mane and unlike lions it lives alone.

Thank you for your question Benjamin!!

See the photos below for more animals from the temperate rainforests of Chile.

Below, the mighty condor, one of the biggest birds in the world, with a wing span over 3m. The robin-like chucao. A leech from the forest, feeding on my leg! A type of mini parrot- the Austral parakeet. A Huemul deer- a very rare mammal found down here.

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