Status update for Septembers Running a frustratingly slow month

[start] Well, thought we should provide the latest running figures from the roadside, just north of Coyhaique. Beset by problems well documented in the blog (border crossing, trailer failure and minor injuries) September was a slow month logging only 327, a century of miles less than planned. The breakdown follows: .. Week 6 – 103 miles Week 7 – 31 miles Week 8 – 67 miles Week 9 – 65 miles .. Week 10 – 118 miles Week 11 – 103 miles (rebuilding trailer in coyhaique) October looks better though with 221 miles complete already and we are back running more than 100 per week consistently. We are running 20 miles per day on running days, but its the number of non running days that are costing us the lack progress. We hope to make another 240 before the month is out but we take it day by day – never know what will be around the next corner! Soon we can also get onto flatter ground which should improve our pace and allow u to make up lost ground. We can also start to lose our winter camping gear but not just yet – we were in deep snow just a couple of days ago on the mountain passes and we need the feathers in our down jackets! Sending via satphone, more stats to follow on our running pages, speaking of which, better run . . . [end]

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