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The Long Winding Road

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It all began in ice, snow and blizzards. We found ourselves swimming naked through sub-zero rivers in a Patagonian winter, wading through snow drifts, stumbling over jagged coastal cliffs, crawling under crowded limbs of southern beech forests and chasing puma tracks on our way to the most southerly point of continental South America, Cabo Froward. On 28 July 2012, we finally found it, lips numb with cold we announced the start on film and there began the most gruelling (physically and mentally) endeavour of our lives. Since then we have slid over ice, run through battering, freezing winds...

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Relief: In the Andes Rain Shadow.

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Key Words: Precipitation, Pacific Ocean, Chile, Prevailing Wind, Andes, Vapour, Condensation, Glaciers, Adapt, Rain shadow, Relief Rain For the first part of our expedition we ran through rain and snow in southern Chile. Precipitation is the term used for rain, sleet, hail and snow; any form of water that falls from the sky. This precipitation begins to form over the Pacific Ocean which lies to the west of Chile. Wind blows from the west collecting moisture from the sea. It travels eastwards as the prevailing wind (the most common wind direction). When air reaches land it is forced to rise...

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A Day In The Life

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03:23 Need a wee. Good sign, this means at least I am drinking enough for once. I squirm around a bit in the hope that the wee will find a space which it hadn’t before found to rest for a bit, and leave me alone to sleep. It won’t so I crawl to the doorway of the tent. A misplaced knee catches some of Kath’s hair, a noise is emitted from her side, I grumble an apology, zip goes up, my feet don’t work so i just crawl to the doorway and wee out. I feel groggy as hell. Quick little breath of air to re-inflate the sleeping mat then i reverse back in, missing my silk bag by a mile and...

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Winners of the Christmas Charity Draw Wildlife Paintings

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A huge THANK YOU to everyone who entered our Christmas Charity Draw. We sold 98 tickets, raising a grand total of US$708, or GBP 442.50. This is now winging its way to Conservacion Patagonica our fantastic charity who are restoring extremely threatened wildlands and wildlife in southern Chile. The two lucky winners are: Gill Reid and Peter and Sue Lowrie!! An original painting (by Katharine) of a vizcacha and huemul deer will soon arrive at your doorsteps. For those who did not enter or win; we will be holding one final drawer in aid of our other charity Armonia, Bolivia (cousin of Birlife) ...

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Difficult Times Turn to Great! Part 3

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16 December 2012, Goat Corral, El Zampal, Argentina. The wind tore at the tent during the night. The dead thorny branches used to form the corral around us was powerless against the mini twisters that shook our home like a leaf, dumping sand and dried dung pellets all over it and us. Needless to say, sleep was sporadic, as we lay eyes encrusted with dust, waiting for the next blast, as if we were at sea, with roaring waves crashing over us. We must have slept for a time as the burning sun scorched down upon us in the morning. We shook sand from our bodies and scanned the tent. A film of ochre...

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