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Road-side Reptile Surprise

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As Ecologists, it’s difficult not to stop counting, especially when running and so we undertake daily wildlife surveys, rubbish transects, invasive species and road-kills counts.  The data informs our mega transect. It is all added to our rapidly sprouting spread-sheets and shared with local and national interest groups, informs blogs and will be sent to various online biological data banks. But yesterday whilst running towards Lujan (c. 80 miles north of San Luis) we had the biggest shock yet. BIG is certainly apt. Never before have either of us seen such an ENORMOUS snake. A boa...

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Weight Savings

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With temperatures hitting 40 degrees C and set to rise as we trudge northwards through Argentina’s northernmost provinces…  reducing the weight of the trailer is becoming even more important- it’s just too hot and uncomfortable pulling it to add an iota more. Plus when we stop we are both drowning in our own sweat and so need to wear the lightest of clothes so as not to offend passing motorists with anything less…..  Thus is launched new from the 5000mileproject’s  trailer range, “Silk-liner combo dress”!! Serves for sleeping and wearing purposes-...

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Solar Powered Fan

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My rogue attempt at wiring up an old recycled computer fan to a USB cable for use with our PowerTraveller solar panels – trying anything at all in 40 degree heat! Works really nicely on anything from USB port voltage (5v) to laptop voltage (19v) – or i suppose you could buy on Amazon if you can afford the £2.99 plus P&P. ....

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