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“The Ecologist Magazine”: Running into the Grassland Queen of Patagonia

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People around the world acknowledge the importance of forests and trees to humankind and the survival of our planet. But grasslands; the wind-torn steppe of South America or rolling prairies of Northern America; surely these do not score highly in the global index of priority conservation habitats? Wrong. This diminutive habitat is in fact an important agent for carbon sequestration and provides crucial habitat to large herbivores, top predators and a plethora of species; many of whose populations are threatened. For nearly twenty years, Kristine McDivitt Tompkins and her husband Douglas...

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Pregunta: ¿Es muy cansador? ¿Ya se acostumbraron

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¡Muchas gracias por tus preguntas, Tom! 8 años, de Copplestone, Devon (Reino Unido) P. 1: ¿Es muy cansador? Es más cansador de lo que jamás imaginamos. Algo así como si jugaras al fútbol todos los días, 4 horas cada día, arrastrando a tu hermana de 10 años atrás tuyo todo el tiempo. Lo único que queremos hacer es dormir, dormir mucho, dormir como duermen los ratones o los erizos, que tienen que hibernar en invierno. Ahora estamos en el norte de Argentina; las temperaturas del verano en el hemisferio sur alcanzan los 40 C. Así que cambiamos nuestra rutina: el despertador suena...

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Saving macaws, anteaters and the other weird and wonderful wildlife of South America!

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Help us protect some of the last remaining wildlands in Bolivia, home to macaws, jaguars and anteaters.. During the coming months of the expedition, we’ll be running 20 miles per day in a bid to secure over 5000 GBP for BirdLife International and their partner Armonía, who are working to protect critically endangered species and habitats. We have met with both charities and are excited to be raising money towards their fantastic work; conserving wildlife and their habitats in South America. We´re specifically raising money for two projects instrumental to the restoration of...

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