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Running The Amazon Rainforest: The Plan

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The Route: The Infamous BR 319 In reality, we are trying to run to an island. On a Brazilian roadmap you will not encounter distances to Manaus, because it is effectively an island, and you can´t simply drive there. But is has not always been that way. In the 70´s, the military goverment sought to connect Manaus to the rest of Brazil  and so was born the BR-319, a part of the mis-guided Transamazonica network of roads designed to populate and exploit resources in Amazonas state . For once though, the dream and the reality couldn´t see eye-to-eye. The bungled build project, the lack of...

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An additional running trailer is spawned!

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Due to the logistics of the next stage, from Humaitá to Manaus, we have had to temporarily adopt another running trailer. We used recycled materials again, in the same vein as the last, and stuck with bamboo construction.  Key differences for this one are the use of bicycle forks, rather then the rear section of the bike (they can be put back into service again later by somebody else), and the bamboo is enormous!! Thanks to Iriney, hotel owner (and professional footballer in Spain I later found out), and the good folk of Humaitá bike shop for donating the materials. We plan to use the...

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Q. What is your Favourite Bird in South America?

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Question from 8 year old, George, Morpeth, Northumberland. Thank you very much! Hmm. Now this is a particularly tricky question for two people who love wildlife and have a particular soft-soft for the feathered variety! Especially, as along the course of the thousands of miles that we have run, it has been birds more than anything that has kept us company. Because that is the cool thing about birds in particular. They are so visible. Where ever you are you can find them; whether in a city park, school play-ground, country lane, up high on the moors or running with us now through the largest...

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