DoNation Campaign Week 1 Winner Announced & Offering Week 2 prize!

We launched our Do-Nation campaign recently and we have had a good start with pledges totally 907kg of CO2 being saved from entering the atmosphere – THANK YOU!!!


We have worked with one of our sponsors, Berghaus, to add even more incentive to taking part, and we are delighted to announce that drawn at random from a bowl of serviettes in a Venezuelan cafe, our week one winner is Vicky L!! A mesh race cap or 20GBP voucher coming your way! Vicky has pledged to carshare – a great way to save C02, money,and in her case, endure 45mins a day with her husband! What a penance, thanks Vicky!


This week, for one winner drawn at random that pedges (CLICK HERE TO HAVE AGO – IT COSTS NOTHING!!) is a professional print of any one of Katharines 4 paintings, A4 size. Signed of course!! The paintings were raffled to raise money for charity, but we have a limited number of signed prints to reward our licky winners, You can choose which one!



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