IT’S OVER, we’ve crossed the finishline!! 14 months, 23 days, 19 hours, 24 minutes, & 6,504 miles (10.467km) later we have ARRIVED!!! Carupano, Venezuela, Caribbean Sea.

ESTA ACABADO, fin de la carrera! Despues 14 meses, 23 dias, 19 horas, 24 minutos, & 6,504 millas (10.467km), hemos llegada!!! Carupano, Venezuela, El mar del caribe.


  1. I have only just discovered your challenga via the news of your finish…I would have loved to have followed you over the last 14 months.
    Inspiring…I hope what you accomplished was a personal highlight and also helped you achieve your journey aims.

    Re Chan…in a wet and rainy Uk

  2. Hi Chan, Lovely to hear from you!! Ahh it is such a relief not to be running every day now! But we have been chatting to schools in the UK about the adventure and all the amazing wildlife and wildplaces we saw along the way- so the adventure is still living in our heads! The plan now is to write a book and think about the next expedition!! We are also producing some mini videos about the expedition. You can check them out at you might be interested in some! Cheers and all the best, Katharine and David

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