3 easy ways YOU can help


We have two fantastic charities we are running for-  who are getting on and making a tangible difference on the ground to protect threatened habitats, threatened species and ensure ecosystem services can survive.

To make a donation towards our funding goal please click on their logos below:

Birdlife -Armonía donations qualify for UK GIFT AID

Conservacion Patagonica is

501 (c)(3) Registered for US Donors


We are also looking for sponsors/donors to share some of the myriad of costs involved in the expedition, please click here if you would like to help us


DO Something

Money a bit tight this month? Fear not – there is a fantastic NEW way you can help by DO-ing!!! Please click on the logo (right) to be taken to our DONATION page and pledge to DO one of a great selection of actions whereby you too can make a tangible difference to the project’s goals – try it, even if you have pledged some money as well – it’s a great idea – THANK YOU!!!!


Be in touch

Running can be lonely, away from friends and family for a year – we need to feel the love !!!

Why not subscribe to our newsletter so together we can occassionally communicate on ideas to make even more of a difference, and let you know about how the project is progressing.

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Thank you for offering to HELP – we need you and we appreciate it…..